What I'm Reading Wednesday

With apologies to Beth Kery, I had to put her book on hold because last week was the release of Old Sins, Long Shadows by PG Forte. I've been waiting for this follow up to In The Dark for a long time and I couldn't wait to read it! I think I was even more eager after reading a little teaser PG sent me last year, a scene that she knew was going to really get me (and it did!).

This story moves from 15th Century Spain to present day San Franciso and back again. I loved reading the beginning of Damien and Conrad's love story and agonized for both of them, for the miscommunications and pride and hurt that keeps them apart when they so clearly love each other.

There are still secrets to be revealed and love to be found. I cried for Marc, near the end, but I love how he is changing and maturing. I sense there is a bigger role for him coming up in this vampire war -- and I can't wait to read more!!
Kelly JamiesonComment