WIPs and Chains

After struggling with the spin off story I'd been working on, I set it aside and tried to figure out something else to work on. I have so many ideas, and some of them are spin off stories of books I've written but which haven't sold yet and I have to admit that I wonder if I should bother working on them until the first story sells. What if it never does sell? Spending all that time working on a spin off story would then be a total waste.

Of course I shouldn't have the idea in my head that my stories will never sell. But realistically that is a possibility.

So I started working on some ideas for completely new stories. I got a couple of flashes of inspriation, like for one example, I have the basic story idea but I needed careers for my hero and heroine, and they had to be just the right career - and then the idea hit me! It's going to take some research, and I have 3 books at the library to pick up to get started on that, but that's okay, I really love this idea!

Then as I was sitting on my deck in the sun Friday afternoon drinking a glass of wine, the idea hit me for the spin off story I'd been struggling with - the perfect solution! Why didn't I see that sooner! So now I have a few projects I'm excited about and want to work on and I have to narrow it down to one to focus on...which one will it be?