Sneak peek Friday

It's been a great week! Three of my books were reviewed at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews - all of them wonderful reviews! Check them out:  Sexpresso Night, Taming Tara and Rigger.

Also  - another contract offer!! This means I now have three more books "coming soon" so I'm really happy about that.  As usual, I don't like to share details until all is signed and sealed so stay tuned, but I will share a little sneak peek excerpt from Rule of Three (and can I just add, after the contract offer I reread this book, and it is HOT!):

            Then Chris was striding toward them, joining them on the dance floor. He pressed against her back, his erection hard against her, and nuzzled her neck. The three of them danced together, hard bodies pressed against her front and back.

            Chris pulled her hair aside to mutter in her ear. “That was so fucking sexy.” She pressed her ass back against him, tightened her fingers on Dag’s shoulders.

            “Your girlfriend is hot, Chris,” Dag said.

            “I know.”

            The music picked up pace again and they continued dancing, still close, just changing the tempo. Heat sizzled up and down Kassidy’s spine and she felt hypnotized by the beat of the music, the hot desire of two men, lost in the utter sensuality of it. She lifted one arm above her head and hooked it around Chris’s neck, four hands on her body. Her breasts swelled and her nipples tingled. She ached to be touched there.

            By the time they decided to leave the dance floor, every nerve ending in her body was on fire, sizzling and snapping with sexual tension.

            The three of them sat on the couch side by side again, damp with perspiration and a little breathless. Some of their friends had already left, others had disappeared perhaps into the crowd on the dance floor, and they were alone. Chris set his hand on her bare thigh and picked up his drink with his other hand.

            “I should get going,” Dag said. “I’ll come by for my car tomorrow.”

            “Why don’t you just stay at our place again?” Chris said. “Saves you a trip tomorrow.”

Kassidy’s blood surged in her veins, hot and scary, as she waited for Dag’s response. A response that seemed...significant. Weighty. A response that took forever.

            “Okay,” Dag finally said.