National Orgasm Day

In honour of National Orgasm Day, here is a short excerpt from my book Power Shift, featuring...what else?

He moved again, grabbed her hips and lifted them off the bed, and then his cock probed at her entrance and she pushed back into his groin greedily. “Easy,” he murmured, one hand on the middle of her back between her shoulder blades, holding her down. “Easy, sweetheart.”

The head of his cock stroked up and down between her cheeks, for a moment resting on her anus, thick and heavy, making her shudder with forbidden pleasure. Then he directed his cock to her pussy, probing again, stretching her tissues, pushing into her, filling her with such delicious sweetness. In this submissive pose, hands bound and stretched above her head, his hands holding her hips up to him while he fucked her from behind, she could only submit to it, couldn’t fight it. She gave herself over to it and just sank into it, the edgy euphoria, the dark pleasure.

“So hot,” he groaned, sliding out and then back in with agonizing slowness. “So hot and so damn wet. Christ, Reagan. There’s no way you can tell me that didn’t affect you.”

That was true, but mainly because she couldn’t even speak at that moment, her body so sensitized and her mind so drunk on pleasure.

He slid a hand around her belly, cupped her pussy, so very lovely, his fingers playing with her clit. She jerked against him, cried out, sensation filling her, pressure building inside her, expanding all through her body, burning her from the inside out and the outside in.

He held her as he drove into her in hard, pounding strokes, shaking her body, touching nerve endings inside her that had her head lifting, had her crying out. His hand slid up her back, fisted her hair and tugged, and that final touch sent sensation sizzling from her scalp right to her womb and then it all burst, with cataclysmic force. Blistering pleasure tore through her, dazzling her in the darkness of the blindfold. She cried out again and then he went very still, uttering harsh noises that gratified her and intensified everything, every erotic, electric sensation. He fell over her, his body damp with perspiration against her back, and sank his teeth into the back of her neck, holding her like that, his arms beneath her, as if he were claiming her in some kind of primitive animalistic gesture. It thrilled her to her core.

His breath ragged in her ear, she drifted in and out, unsure how long they stayed like that until he moved away from her, leaving her body sweaty and cool. She lay there, still heady and floating.