With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop! I'm celebrating my Valentine's Day release of Rule of Three. Yes, it comes out February 14, a very nice Valentine's present for me! And for the blog hop I'm giving away a download of Rule of Three, so leave a comment if you'd like to enter!

My husband will be working on Valentine's Day  - he's the photographer for the Winnipeg Jets, our NHL team, and it's game night, so we won't be having a romantic dinner for two that night. But we are planning an overnight getaway with a couples massage and dinner out next weekend, which I'm quite excited about!

Spicing it up for Valentine's Day

From Romantic Moods, here are some tips to spice up your love life:
Try role playing…
Meet at a bar and pretend to be strangers… The excitement will be flowing in no time…
Fool around but don’t have sex…
Remember high school, when you’d make out for hours and never even take off your clothes? NOT having sex can be a huge turn on. (Kelly says: I *highly* recommend this one!)
Try an evening of finger foods…
Feeding each other gooey, messy, bites can be incredibly erotic…
Watch a dirty movie…
Either it will turn you on, or give you a great shared laugh.(Kelly says: Or read a sexy romance!! Maybe one of mine!)
Share the fantasy night…
Whisper your fantasy in his ear in public and let him stew in the thought until you get home. Have the stage set.
Send flirty texts..
In the hours before your date – by dinner, the anticipation will be driving you crazy.
Try something you never have before…
Whether it be a public place, bondage, or blind folds, it will bring a whole new dimension to your lovemaking.
Start with you nude in your heels…
Have him to put your garter belt and hose on you,  again you might not get past one leg.
Wear sexy underwear…
That you know your mate will love – it will be an extra special gift as he unwraps his “present”.
Let your date pick from a grab bag of coupons…
For different sex acts from a sensuous massage to intercourse in the room of his choice.
Mix it up and do it in a different room.
Sometimes a little variety can easily be found just by mixing up a small aspect of your lovemaking. A change of scenery certainly fits the bill. Get creative with places you can try such as stairs, the bathtub or shower, a guest room or even the living room.

Leave a comment with your favourite tip above or one of your own to be entered to win a copy of Rule of Three!

To further warm up your Valentine's Day, here's a little excerpt from Rule of Three:

Kassidy awoke in the morning to a feeling of heavy heat, surrounded by two men in the king-size bed.
Oh dear god. She was in bed with two men.
What had they done?
She squeezed her eyes closed and her body tensed as if trying to shrink away from the two male naked bodies on either side of her. Images ran through her mind, reliving highlights of last night, and she almost groaned aloud.
She searched inside herself for her feelings about all this, trying to figure them out. Because she had a lot of feelings and they were all tangled up into a mass inside her and indecipherable. She guessed that was called confusion.
There was no denying the arousal that lingered, low down in her womb, an insistent throb that couldn’t possibly mean she wanted more sex. Could it? Holy crap. She’d had three orgasms last night by the time they fell asleep and that was a first. Her body tingled at the thought.
Chris. Oh god, Chris. Terror at what he might be feeling today gripped her and stole her breath. But as she went over things in her mind, she knew he’d wanted to do it too. Unless her memory was playing tricks on her, she didn’t think it was a case of him being pushed to do something he didn’t want. Truly, he’d made her feel strong and special and amazing for doing that. She’d seen no signs of jealousy, just…arousal.
If she’d done anything that would hurt Chris, she didn’t think she could survive it. If he woke up and was upset about this, she was going to die. She couldn’t shake the vague guilty feeling that she’d cheated on him with his best friend. Except he’d been right there, participating. She pressed a hand to her stomach, quivering with nerves.
And with even more guilt, she had to admit she’d enjoyed every minute of it. Which was also freaking her out a bit.
What did that say about her, the fact that she’d enjoyed it so much? The pleasure of having two men focus all their attention on her, telling her how beautiful she was, how hot, how sexy, knowing they couldn’t keep their hands off her, knowing when they got inside her they came so fast and hard there was no question that she’d aroused them.
That was about the hottest thing of all.

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