Updates on a few things...

The RT Booklovers Convention is coming soon!  I'll be there again this year, in Chicago, April 11-13. I'm looking forward to connecting with friends I made last year and meeting new people! This year five of the Nine Naughty Novelists will be there and along with the Smutketeers, we're hosting the Cover Model Karaoke party! Come sing along with hot cover models! Take home schwag! It's going to be so much fun!

The five of us Naughty Nine will also be doing a panel on social networking and using the group blog as a platform. We'll be talking about our experiences (not that we're world experts on social networking!) and how things have worked for us.

Also I'll be participating in a panel discussion on Erotic Romance, along with (OMG) Reece Butler, Kate Pearce, Lindsey Faber, Kelli Collins and agent Miriam Kriss. Should be hot!

If you're at RT I hope you'll get a chance to say hi and chat!

Other news...

I've been fortunate to get a few good reviews lately...

RT Book Reviews:

by Kelly Jamieson
Genre: Erotic Romance, E-book
RT Rating
This wonderful story is as much about family as it is the M/M/F and M/M relationships depicted. The connections among the characters flesh out a well-designed plot that is both witty and heart-wrenching.
Kaelin isn’t prepared for bad boys Tyler and Nick to come back to town for her best friend’s wedding. After a few drinks at the rehearsal dinner, Kaelin sheds her good-girl image and heads for Tyler and Nick’s hotel room. Not only does she instigate a threesome, she discovers the men are lovers — and comes close to neglecting her duties as maid of honor. Trouble comes once again for the guys as someone spots them at the hotel with a woman, bringing back long-buried memories. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed By: Donna M. Brown

Booked Up Reviews said about One Wicked Night: "...I love the way the author makes you feel like it is happening to you and how Ms. Kelly Jamieson makes the characters so lovable and exasperating. Meanwhile, she makes you want to hit Tyler upside the head and tell him to talk to people instead of just letting them believe the bad instead of the good....This is a very good book which keeps you on the edge of your seat and a tissue in hand. Be sure that you are ready for a heartbreaking and heart-healing book before you read this one because it takes you the full circle of emotions all in one short book."

And for Rule of Three from Fresh Fiction :

"RULE OF THREE is a beautifully written modern love story. Much like modern design esthetics, it's deceptively simple, with clean and simple lines. While the erotica element is prominent, it is ultimately a romance that expands the definition of "couple" to include three people. I was drawn to the three main characters; they are strong, loving, independent, and utterly comfortable in who they are and what they want."