Mother's Day and Hockey

My mom loved figured skating and when she was still alive, I used to take her to see Stars on Ice every year as her mother's day present. The year after she passed away, my daughter surprised me with tickets for Stars on Ice (yes, I cried) and every year since then she has taken me as my mother's day present. This year, my daughter is living on the other side of the world (France) so she wasn't here to take me (although she did the sweetest things for mother's day - she sent me a card, and in it she told me to go look in her room on the left side of her desk in the lid of a small ceramic box, where I would find money she left there before she went away, and told me to buy myself something with it *sniff*) but I still got to go to Stars on Ice, I made my husband take me last week. Yay!

My favourites - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

There I discovered the joy of the Shazam app - my husband had it on  his iPhone and when we wanted to know what the song was a particular skater was skating to, it told us!! I immediately had to download that app on my BlackBerry - I love it!

As for hockey, I haven't been much into the playoffs this year. First, my Jets didn't make the playoffs, and then every other team I might have cheered for was eliminated. Not as much fun.

And speaking of hockey, you should check out the review One Man Advantage got at Amazon - go click "Like" on this, not just because it's my book, but because this reviewer is hilarious and totally deserves it! Or leave a comment.