Okay we're all set to announce exciting news about a new series coming from Samhain Publishing!

Wedding cake 1
From cakes2011
We're not 100% sure of the series title yet, but it involves a wedding...sort of...that takes place in Promise Harbor, Massachusetts (Population 20,121). (And I still can't type Massachusetts without using Spellcheck.)

There are four connected stories:   JILTED (written by ME!) BOLTED (written by Meg Benjamin) BUSTED (written by Sydney Somers) and HITCHED (written by Erin Nicholas).

Release dates as always are tentative, but the plan is to release the books close together in March and April 2013! We're totally excited about this project, which has been in the works for longer than we probably want to even say, but 2012 was the year we all buckled down and did it. I for one, having read the other three books, can say I LOVE them all and this is gonna be great! Stay tuned for more details!