Promise Harbor Wedding tour and contest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget that Meg Benjamin, Sydney Somers, Erin Nicholas and I are on a tour over the next few weeks, talking about our Promise Harbor Wedding series, and we're doing a giveaway as part of it.

3/19 Under the Covers
3/19-23 Smutketeers
3/19 My Secret Romance
3/21 The Book Tart
3/25 Ms. Romantic Reads
3/29 - Delighted Reader 
4/3 Under the Covers
4/5 My Secret Romance
4/8  Ms. Romantic Reads
4/16 Under the Covers
4/17 - Delighted Reader
4/18 My Secret Romance
4/19 Ms. Romantic Reads
4/23 - Delight Reader
4/29 Ms. Romantic Reads
4/30 Delighted Reader
4/30 Under the Covers
5/2 My Secret Romance
5/5 Scorching Book Reviews
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