SLAMMED is out today!

Yay, we finally get Dylan's story!

We first met Dylan Schell in With Strings Attached, when he became the third in a sexy menage a trois with his best friend Matt, and Matt's friend with benefits, Corey. Dylan got kind of attached to Corey, but he was also struggling with some major issues in his pro surfing career. Since then, Dylan's been coping by doing a lot of partying - sex, drugs, rock and roll. Now, in Slammed, he's back in San Amaro, for a huge event in the Association of Surfing Professionals tour -- but he also has to take some business issues seriously, and he has to attend a wedding, and he's not too happy about all this responsible stuff. But Brooke helps him deal...

Great reviews so far for Slammed! I'm so thrilled.

Romance Junkies 4.5 BLUE RIBBONS "Get out your fans or put on the air conditioner and grab an ice cold drink since you'll be burning up as you read SLAMMED - a sweet but heat filled contemporary romance involving a professional surfer, the waves, the beaches, romance and love."

RT Book Reviews 4 STARS "Sparks fly right off the bat with PR wonk Brooke and pro surfer Dylan, and the will-they/won’t-they once they return to real life will keep readers guessing. . .This romance will have you dreaming of hot surfers and warm beaches as the weather cools."

And I really want to mention this review from the Risque Redhead Reads... I love the review overall, she really "got" the book. But a couple of things stand out for me.

"Brooke, let me tell you I loved being in this girl’s head and learning the cute and funny words she uses. She was a blast to read, there was not one thing I disliked about her. She was someone I could relate to from the first moment I met her. She was, for lack of a better description, a normal girl. Her family support is beautiful, her compassion for others is remarkable and her ability to love enormous. She is the perfect match in every way for Dylan and their chemistry is off the charts smokin’!"

One of my goals as a writer has been to write heroines that readers love. That hasn't always been the case, and I've been working on that for some time. I KNOW readers are harder on heroines than they are on heroes. But that's just a challenge to me, to write heroines who readers love. So a comment like that means SO much to me.

Also this:

"A side note if you will. Substance with sex. I have said this many times when it comes to books. I need a substance with my sex and with this series it is what you get. Now, I am a red blooded female and I love reading a good sex scene but with that you have to have a story or you lose me. There was never a point of getting lost here. There is no gratuitous sex that is thrown in there just to have a sex scene. Sex is important for relationships, for romantic relationships, it’s intimate, it is how we connect on the most basic level and sometimes it’s how relationships begin.  With Dylan and Brooke, as well as the rest of the residents in San Amaro, it was  as natural as the ocean creating a current or a wave."

This is something else that's important to me. I've had lots of feedback about my sex scenes -- I apparently do them pretty well. :-).  But it's important to me to have story, character, emotion, and to make the sex scenes this comment also means a lot to me.

I hope you love Dylan and Brooke too!

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