FALL-ing in Love - with Rhythm of Three!

It's release day for Rhythm of Three!

As you may know, Rhythm of Three is a follow up story to Rule of Three. I got so many emails from readers wanting to know more about Chris and Kassidy and Dag, and I did feel when I was writing the book that there was more to their story. So I finally did it. 

Rhythm of Three picks up right where Rule of Three ended. All three know they want to be together, but they also know there will be challenges to their unique lifestyle. Kassidy also has unresolved issues with her sister that seemed hopeful at the end of Rule of Three.

One woman, two lovers. Double the pleasure, or double the trouble?

Rule of Three, Book 2

Former goodie-two-shoes Kassidy now has three pairs of shoes under her bed—hers, Chris’s and Dag’s. While she relishes the hot threesome that makes her friends jealous, she can’t deny things are…complicated. Namely, whom to tell about their unconventional relationship, and whom to keep in the dark.

In the dark category? Definitely Chris’s parents, which should be simple, since they live far away. Except they’ve sprung a surprise for their son’s thirtieth birthday. They’re coming for a visit. Then there’s Kassidy’s best friend Danielle, who’s home from Europe, clueless to recent events, and flirting with Dag like crazy.


Family, friends, coworkers and a wedding put three lovers’ best intentions to the test, making them wonder if this unique brand of love has a chance in hell of working out.

Product Warnings
Contains three vulnerable hearts engaged in a ménage a trois, some man-on-man action, sizzling exchanges of graphic language, and rock-your-socks explicit sex. So yeah, it’s dirty, but also sweet.

Here's a short excerpt from Rhythm of Three:

She hadn’t actually bought Chris his gift, but gave him a picture of it inside a birthday card—the office furniture he wanted from IKEA. They’d looked at it for the room that was going to be his office, but hadn’t gotten around to buying it.

He leaned over to kiss her, eyes warm. He cupped her jaw. “Thanks, sweetheart.”

“We can go pick it up this weekend,” she said. “And then you two men can spend the rest of the weekend building it.”

Chris grinned. He didn’t mind doing stuff like that.

“Build IKEA furniture?” Dag asked. He sat on the other side of Chris on their couch, holding a glass of expensive Shiraz he’d picked up that day. “How domesticated.”

“Deal with it, buddy,” Chris muttered. “You are becoming domesticated.”

Dag grinned.

Then Chris opened Dag’s present, a small wrapped box.

The gift brought tears to Kassidy’s eyes, and Dag and Chris almost too. It was a pendant—a short silver chain in a chunky interlocking style with a silver charm on it, round, with a swirling design. There was a little card about the designer which said the charm was called Trilogy, to signify the intertwining of the heart, mind and spirit.

“But I think it symbolizes the intertwining of three hearts, minds and spirits,” Dag explained, watching Chris stare at the gift.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Her heart squeezed so hard it hurt, stealing her breath. Chris kept his head bent, no doubt to hide the emotions on his face, and nodded. She laid a hand on his.

“Too soon?” Dag asked, not getting any response. “No worries if it is. And I know you don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so, you know, it’s cool if you don’t wear it.”

She looked at Dag and blinked hard at the moisture gathering in her eyes. He leaned back in the corner of the couch in a relaxed pose, holding his glass of red wine, but the faint tightness at the corners of his eyes and mouth revealed his tension.

She swallowed through a constricted throat. It was true, Chris didn’t wear a lot of jewelry. But this was sturdy and masculine and beautiful. And meaningful.

Chris cleared his throat and picked it up from the glossy black box it sat in. He unfastened it and lifted it around his neck. It took a few seconds to get the clasp done up again and Kassidy shifted behind him to help.

“There,” she whispered.

He laid his fingers flat over the charm and met Dag’s eyes. “It’s great,” he said, voice gruff. “Thanks.”

The skin around Dag’s eyes softened and the corners of his mouth lifted. “You’re welcome.”

And then Chris leaned over and kissed Dag, just as he’d kissed Kassidy in thanks for her gift.
She swallowed again, but now smiling. “Okay,” she said. “Enough smoochy stuff. Now we have something really important to discuss.”

The two guys looked at her.

“What?” Chris asked.

“Everything okay, babe?” Dag added.

“No, it is not. You all are not living in a frat house. If I see one more gob of toothpaste or beard whisker in the sink, I’m gonna lose my shit. Tomorrow, we’re going to do a tutorial on how to properly clean the sink.”

Dag grinned. “I’ll watch your tutorial,” he said, “if you promise to do it naked.

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