Q & A

 I've had so many awesome emails and messages from readers this week about Sweet Obsession! Yay! Also some questions. (Oh, and yet another email asking for more Heller brothers hockey books!) 

So in case others have the same questions I thought I'd post here too...

Book 2 in the Windy City Kink series will be out October 7 - All Messed up. We will meet up again with Jack and Sasha briefly...and Kevin.

Lots of you want to know about Kevin! Well, some may be disappointed to know he doesn't get his own book. I wasn't sure if the romance world was ready for Kevin! But we do meet up with him again more in All Messed Up and definitely in Book 3.

As for the Heller Brothers - I'll never say never...but I do have another hockey series in the works, book one is finished and books two and three are semi-planned...so stay tuned!