San Amaro Singles - GIVEAWAY

I'm having a giveaway this week - since I now have print copies of all three books in the San Amaro Singles series:  With Strings Attached, How to Love and Slammed.

I'm giving away two sets of the series. You can enter on my Facebook page or by commenting here! I'll include any comments from here in the draw. Winners to be drawn Friday July 25!

To enter, answer this question:

Would you rather...

Climb a mountain
Lie on the beach

Throughout the week I'll also be introducing you the heroes of all three books - Matt, Carlos, Mike and Dylan ...
First up ...Matt Ferber from With Strings Attached:
Matt is a great guy. He owns a brew pub where the locals hang out. He enjoys tending bar and talking to everyone. He has lots of friends, and likes to help them and look after his mom and his sisters. Everyone likes him -- although his ex girlfriend left because he was "boring". He thinks women want to be "just friends" with him (he's wrong). His best friend (with benefits) is Corey. She knows that everyone sees Matt as a friendly, easy going guy--but in bed, he's super sexy, a little kinky and likes to take charge...
Kelly JamiesonComment