Meet the hero: Joe from Taming Tara

And today let's meet another hero from one of those newly price reduced books! Here's Joe Scaletta from Taming Tara.

Joe is a strong, dominant, take-charge guy, decisive and maybe a leeeetle bit bossy and arrogant. His successful business career came to a crashing halt when he discovered accounting improprieties at the tech company he worked for. When he tried to bring them to the attention of his superiors, he ended up taking the fall for them and being charged with corruption and grand larceny. He got off…but just try finding a job after that! Lucky for him, his grandma in Santa Barbara knew someone who needed a manager. So now he’s starting a new job working for... Santa Ynez Olives. What a come down! But he’s going to make the best of it and is determined to do a good job. If the boss’s grand-daughter will let him…

Here’s a little excerpt from Taming Tara:

Tara awoke later that night, the lamp still on, almost startled to find herself in bed with a big warm male body, his hair-roughed arms around her and one hairy muscled leg twined with hers. His soft breathing told her he was asleep.
Remembering her astonishment at the size of him when he’d removed his pants, she slid a hand down his side, over his square hip bone and lifted the covers enough that she could peek down at their bodies. His penis, soft but still impressive, lay against her thigh, thick and heavy, his balls beneath it fat and round. Her gaze was glued there, studying the perfect shape of the round head of his penis, when he twitched against her. She dropped the duvet and her eyes flew up to his, which were now open and watching her with amusement.
“Do you like what you see?” he asked, his voice raspy. She pressed her lips together in embarrassment, then she shrugged.
“I’ve seen bigger.”
“Bullshit.” He rolled her onto her back and pinned her down. A small gasp escaped her lips. His eyes gleamed wickedly, his mouth curved and those dimples flitted across his cheeks. His face was really dark now with scruffy beard and she put a hand up to touch his cheek, to stroke the roughness there. He closed his eyes briefly at her touch, rubbed his cheek against her hand. “I guess I need to shave.”
“You’re a little rough.”
“Yeah.” He held her gaze. “But you like it rough. Don’t you, Tara?” His voice was a velvet seduction.
He kissed her mouth and she felt him hardening, lengthening against her thigh. “I know what you like.”
“You do not.”
He arched a brow. “You’re going to argue with me? Now?”
She blinked.
“Go ahead,” he invited her. “It turns me on when you argue with me.” And he kissed her again, igniting every nerve ending. Jesus. She’d been fighting with him ever since he arrived and here she’d been turning him on. Talk about the wrong strategy!
And yet the knowledge she affected him that way made her all warm and syrupy.


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