Hot for Fridays!

Here's a little excerpt with a "swoon worthy" line from my hero Raff:

He sat back on his towel and began rubbing sunscreen onto his chest and arms.
“You gonna do my back for me?” he inquired.
“What? You’d let me burn?”
She turned her head, her cheek on her arms, and met his eyes. “You’re making me crazy.”
“I know.” His grin widened as her gaze dropped to his hands moving over his chest and abs, and her lips parted. “That makes us even then, because you’re making me crazy too.”
Her eyelashes fluttered as she studied him with female interest.
“You’re also making me hard,” he continued. “Again.”
Her eyes flew open wide. Then she lifted her head, turned it the other way and lowered it to her arms again. “A dip in the ocean would probably help with that.”
He couldn’t stop the laugh that burst from his chest. “That wasn’t what I had in mind.”
She said nothing.
“Don’t you want to know what I did have in mind?”
“I was thinking about you and me having an afternoon nap. Back at the cottage. In that big king-size bed.”
“I fail to see how a nap would help your…erection.” She still didn’t look at him.
“Well, I was speaking euphemistically. What I really meant was, I was thinking about fucking you.” He kept his voice low and gentle, leaning closer. “Fucking you slow and sweet and lazy in the middle of the afternoon.”
He heard her faint moan, saw her fingers curl into her palms.

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