Last week I stumbled across a reader review for my upcoming book Major Misconduct that really made me cringe. I know I shouldn’t be reading reviews and I know I shouldn’t respond to them, but after giving it some thought, I decided I would post this.

The reader was disappointed in Major Misconduct because the publisher has tagged it “perfect for readers of Sawyer Bennett and Toni Aleo” and she didn’t agree. Obviously she’s a big fan of those authors, but what made me cringe was when she implied that I’d read Toni’s and Sawyer’s (and Jaci Burton’s) books and tried to copy them.

I found that very offensive, but I’m going to choose to believe this reader thought that was a way of describing the book and didn’t intend to be insulting.

I’ve never read Toni or Sawyer or Jaci’s hockey books (I have read other Jaci Burton books). I’ve read pieces of Toni's and Sawyer’s books, and they do seem quite different from mine.This reader may also not have been aware that Major Misconduct is not the first hockey romance I've written - it's my sixth -- and that my first hockey romance was published in March 2011, which was before those other authors’ hockey romances were published.

Just wanted to clear that up.