I'm not a social media whiz...

I just read a great interview with fabulous author Kristan Higgins, where she says this about how she promotes herself:

"I write more books. It’s easy to believe that if you just promote enough, your book will get attention. I don’t think that’s true. Readers can’t be fooled or manipulated into loving an author. It’s always about the book. I know authors who are great on Facebook and write ragingly popular blogs about publishing, authors who have ten times the Twitter followers I have. But that’s not what I’m doing for a living. I don’t want to be a social media whiz; I want to write books. My readers want me to write books. You have to choose how you spend your time."

This really hit home for me because I feel exactly the same. Sometimes I get discouraged and think I need to do more promo stuff. It's not something I'm good at. I'm a quiet, introverted person who doesn't like to put myself out there, but even so, I do love interacting with readers (especially in my Sweet Heat Reader Group, which is a more personal environment). Sometimes finding the balance between that and writing is difficult. But I think Kristan's right -- readers probably want me to write more books rather than be a social media whiz.

So I'm still here on-line and I still want to interact with readers and have fun, but if I'm not here as much as some authors are, it's because I'm writing another book. 

Kelly JamiesonComment