March updates!

My big news this month involves one of my publishers, Samhain Publishing. They have announced they are going out of business and starting this month they will begin reverting rights to all books to authors.

I do want to say that I'm very, very grateful to Samhain, for a few reasons. They published my first ever published book - Love Me. I still remember the excitement of getting that first contract offer! Samhain helped me grow my writing career and was always professional and above board. I may have wished some of their business decisions were different, but I wasn't running that business and those weren't my decisions to make. And as they wind down operations, they continue to be helpful and professional - giving us back final files for our books which saves a huge amount of time, and allowing us to purchase cover art.

This is a pretty big thing for me because I’m getting the rights to 20 books back. BUT that also means there will be a period of time where those books are down from all retailers and won’t be available for sale. This scares the crap out of me; although my Samhain books haven’t sold huge numbers lately, they still sold some and this means NO money coming in from them while I work on getting them reformatted, new covers made for some and uploaded at retailers. 

I really hope to get them out quickly but this is time consuming, so please be patient and watch for news when I do get them back up for sale. Some of my best-selling books ever like Rule of Three and One Wicked Night are in these books and I really want to have those available to readers. And those books will keep their same beautiful covers. 

I’m also hopeful that I can do this without interfering too much in my writing schedule. I’m all set for releases this year and a couple in 2018 but I need to keep working to have books out later in 2018.

Other news…

Getting ready for RT in Atlanta!

I’ve rebranded my swag to match my new website…isn’t it pretty?



Body Shot, Book 1 in my Last Shot series, will be on sale for .99 starting March 7! If you haven’t picked this one up yet, now’s the time!

Kelly Jamieson