3 Re-Releases Now Available

Hi everyone!

Happy to announce the re-release of a few of my older books this week!
These books were previously published with the same titles — they have a little updated content and pretty new covers, but they’re the same books so if you’ve already read them, just ignore this!

But if you haven’t read them, now’s a good chance to check them out because I’m putting all 3 of them on sale for just $0.99 for the first two weeks!

Here’s a little peek at them:


In the hands of a master, the fine art of pain can be sheer pleasure…

Alek Croft is in a bind—and no one appreciates the irony more than his best friend, Shaela Hudson. He’s hard up against a deadline to finish his art book featuring Shibari bondage, and he’s short one model. Shaela would be perfect for the photo shoot, if he can just wheedle her out of her comfort zone and into his studio.

The unconventional…preferences…Alek has developed since their high school days make Shaela’s stomach quiver. Yet his erotic photographs are beautiful, and she’s more than a little curious. Besides, when she looks into his eyes, she can’t say no.

Under Alek’s sure, steady hand, Shaela is unexpectedly transported to a mental state where all her stresses—her hypercritical father, her soul-sucking job—fall away in a haze sensual pleasure and achingly beautiful pain.

Yet while she finds it easy to trust Alek’s skill with a rope, she wonders if he’s opening the door to a whole new world…or enticing her to do the one thing she swore she’d never do. Surrender complete control of her body and soul to a man who will inevitably break her heart.

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Conference Call


Soft skills are nice, but they’re no substitute for a nice dual hard drive.

Kenzie had high hopes for this tech conference, if only to discover if the sparks she and her colleague, Noah, have been generating online are just as hot in real time. Instead, it’s like she’s watching a testosterone-fueled tennis match.

On one side is Noah, the sexy, handsome tech geek who works in her company’s Chicago division. On the other is Shaun, an equally hot computer industry friend with whom she once shared conference benefits.

One minute the two men are practically arm wrestling for her attention. The next, they’re offering to fulfill Kenzie’s hottest erotic dream. With her tremulous yes, Noah and Shaun work in delicious tandem to prove there are no limits to pleasure.

The next morning, though, Kenzie’s on edge. Both men are dear to her in different ways. But by indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy, has she sacrificed her one chance at something special—with Noah?

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Irish Sex Fairy

The Irish Sex Fairy believes sex will cure all problems…

In the dead of Keara Callaghan’s nights, the flashbacks come. The bank robber who turned out to be a security guard she had to fire. The sad resignation in his eyes when she convinced him to surrender.

The police sniper shot that killed him.

She just needs to get away for a few weeks. Visit her great-aunt Maeve, a free spirit who runs a sex toy shop Only good memories live in Kilkenny, California, like the time her 17-year-old self gave her virginity to then-18-year-old Shane Dunstan.

Surrounded by an array of erotic toys, Maeve’s colorfully frank talk, and Shane—who’s now one tall drink of sexy—Keara convinces herself that even if she doesn’t deserve happiness, losing herself in Shane’s arms is just the ticket to get her head on straight.

After all, it’s just sex. A means to an end. Definitely.

Instead, Shane offers Keara an unexpected lifeline—an emotional connection she’d convinced herself she didn’t need. But in the sizzling heat of desire, they both miss the signs that the danger she thought lived only in her nightmares is about to get terrifyingly real.

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Stacey Price