Because I know not everyone will read GAME ON, I’m posting the Acknowledgements here — and I have one more to add, who wasn’t around when I wrote this! HUGE thanks to Heather Roberts at L.Woods PR and all the fabulous bloggers who work with her, for getting my books out there and visible!

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This is the end of the Aces Hockey series, but never fear, dear readers, there will be more hockey romance from me! Stay tuned to my blog, my newsletter, and social media for news about my next hockey series, Wynn Hockey . . . some of the Aces may even make cameo appearances in the upcoming stories.

I have so many people to thank for helping to make the Aces Hockey series so successful.

First of all, Major Misconduct was the manuscript that landed me my fabulous agent, Emily Sylvan Kim, who has been such a support ever since. Thank you, Emily, for believing in my Aces and in me!

Major Misconduct was also the manuscript that landed me a contract with Loveswept. I am forever grateful to everyone at Loveswept for all you’ve done for me and my books—Sue Grimshaw, Gina Wachtel, Matthew Schwartz, Madeleine Kenney, and the cover designers and production team who work on my books. My writing career has grown so much because of all of you.

To all the authors in the Hockey with Heart group—you are amazing, talented, generous people who also love hockey like me. We can ask the most arcane questions—about dressing rooms and planes and cellphones and game-day schedules and WAGs and NHL rules and so much more, and everyone shares whatever they can to help each other.

To bloggers and reviewers who share the word about my books, thank you for all that you do.

I also have to thank the sports reporters at the Winnipeg Free Press. Pretty sure you guys don’t read romance, so you’ll probably never see this! But living in a hockey-crazy city with a local newspaper that reports multiple articles daily on the Winnipeg Jets during hockey season, including a lot of special interest stories about the players and their lives, has given me so much information and so many story ideas.

And if I’m going to thank the local newspaper, I might as well thank Mark Chipman and David Thomson for bringing the Jets back to Winnipeg! I started writing hockey romance before we had an NHL team here again, but now that we do, it has made my hockey writing so much more authentic. Now I get to go to actual NHL games—and it’s research!

Another person to thank is Lance Thomson, who was the photographer for the Winnipeg Jets the first four years they were back in Winnipeg. He answered my many questions and gave me interesting details as well as behind-the-scenes looks at things.

Chicago! I love you! I fell in love with Chicago during my numerous visits, when I soaked up the atmosphere, the culture, the history, the food, and even attended an NHL game! The more research I did, the more I fell in love with the city. Thank you for being a wonderful home to my Chicago Aces.

Thank you to the members of my Sweet Heat Reader Lounge, who are always there for me, answering crazy questions about country music songs and kids’ movies and team mascots. I love you all!

Most of all, thank you to all my readers. I am so moved and humbled by your love for the Aces team and these books. Readers and reviewers have complimented my hockey knowledge, and that means the world to me. I love the sport of hockey and take pride in getting it right. But I also want to write engaging characters and heart-warming romances . . . and readers have responded to that too. While my first hockey series made me a USA Today bestselling author, I was thrilled that Icing and Top Shelf also hit that bestseller list. And that is thanks to everyone who bought my books. I am so deeply grateful.

Kelly Jamieson