GAME ON is now available!

The release of GAME ON makes me both happy and sad. I loved writing this book. I loved Cam and how he grew through the story. I love his dirty mind and his generosity. I love Olivia and both her strength and her insecurities. But IT’S THE LAST ACES HOCKEY BOOK! 

game on small.png

I always intended the series to be 9 books; that seemed like a good number. And it was super fun to write the epilogue and connect all the stories up, revisiting the characters from way back at the beginning. 

But I’m going to miss all these people and Chicago so much!

 I’ve been to Chicago a number of times, and I love it. Last winter I wanted to do a winter research trip, so I booked the trip around a hockey game my Winnipeg Jets were playing against the Blackhawks. I contacted my author friend Kate Meader to see if she wanted to go to the game with me. So we did! We had dinner, went to the game at the United Center, which I’d always wanted to visit, and I spent a few days wandering around and doing the research that appears in Game On – a small tribute to the city that is home to my Aces team.

 Now…my internet browser is open to sunny California as I write my next hockey series – WYNN HOCKEY. Not gonna lie – I absolutely loved writing the first book (Play to Win) and that made it a lot easier to say goodbye to my Aces guys. But maybe it’s just au revoir…until we meet again…as some of the Aces could always make appearances in the new series!



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