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I do not write porn
When my first book came out last fall, knowing it was pretty steamy content, I told my eighty-year old mother-in-law that if she wanted to buy it to support me that would be wonderful, but she should not read it. So that is what she did. I didn’t realize though that she gave it to my husband’s eight-five year old uncle to read. She had to print it off because he doesn’t even have a computer. Now I knew years back that Uncle D read Harlequin romances – I thought it was kinda cute. If he thought my book was a sweet Harlequin he was in for a shock. His reaction (to my M IL, who passed it on to me yesterday) – this is pure porn.

Big sigh.

Then I was showing my new Sony Reader to my MIL, and she asked if I had one of my books in there. I have the one coming out tomorrow loaded in there, so I opened it to the cover, then showed her how the reader works – by pressing this button you turn the page. She would barely look at it, wouldn’t even touch it, in case some of the porn cooties jumped out at her or she saw a word that would sear her eyeballs.

To my family (who don’t read my blog, go to my website or even read my books): I DO NOT WRITE PORN.

Just to make me feel a little better this morning, I got a great review for DREAM GIRL
Between the Lines: WRDF Review of Dream Girl By Kelly Jamieson
I wish I could quote the whole thing but here’s a tidbit: “I’ve never had to write a review about I a book that I enjoyed so much.” And “Ms Jamieson has a wonderful way with words”. Thank you!