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What I'm Reading Wednesday

This week I read Kisses Like a Devil by Diane Whiteside. What a great story! I love how Meredith has to face her two greatest fears in order to get what she wants – being trapped on a mountain, like she was when her father died, and being under the control of Brian’s father, as she has been with her horrible stepfather. Meredith is nice contrast to other heroines of Ms Whiteside’s books I’ve read where the heroines tend to be virginal. Not that Meredith is very experienced when it comes to sex but she’s very sensual and eager. Hot hero, too. A very satisfying read.

I also read Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley. This is the first of her books I’ve read and I really wanted to love this book by fellow Romance Diva. I can’t say I loved it, although it was competently written. I can’t really put my finger on why I didn’t love it. Other than the fact that he’s a student and she’s a professor, which is easily resolved, the conflict is all inner conflict for both Jagger and Mia, which gets a little repetitious. Also it may be because the food/sex scenes don’t push my buttons as much as some other fetishes might. I did kinda like Jagger’s water fetish…