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What I'm Reading Wednesday
What I read this week:

Programming The Parallel Port: Interfacing The Pc For Data Acquisition And Process Control

Optical Interconnections And Parallel Processing: Trends At The Interface

Uncertain Rule-Based Fuzzy Logic Systems: Introduction and New Directions

Emerging Trends in Database and Knowledge Based Machines: The Application of Parallel Architectures to Smart Information Systems

April fool!

I went online and found some of the books I would be LEAST likely to read (if you know me, I am severely tech challenged- the fact that I can even blog is amazing to me). I don’t even know what those things mean! It’s like those titles are in another language. Here’s the real list!

JoAnn Ross – Shattered

It was great to read Shane’s story – the “flyboy” injured in Afghanistan. We knew from other stories (Zach’s? Quinn’s? Both? I can’t remember) that he had lost a leg. Now there’s a really wounded hero for you. But the interesting twist is that he doesn’t have PTSD and he’s not all bitter and hopeless. He has such a positive attitude, you gotta just love him. And a wonderful strong woman for him – the doctor who saved his life. My only complaint about this story is it’s light on the romance part, heavy on a lot of technical military detail, but certainly realistic and convincing. And a bonus love story – for Father What a Waste!

Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill
As I’m part way through this I’m wondering if this provided any inspiriation for the “Phoenix Team” in JoAnn Ross’s books (see above)...

And just started La Bonne by Michèle de Lully – this was recommended by a couple of other authors on a blog the other day so I had to get it...