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What I'm Reading Wednesday
This week I read Maison Domine by Skylar Kade, a naughty little BDSM story with lots of emotion and heat.

I also read Simply Wicked by Kate Pearce. These "Simply" stories keep me coming back for more! The characters in this story fascinated me, Anthony seems to have hit rock bottom in his dark sexual exploits and wants to change, but it's so difficult for him. I loved how he fought for that. Marguerite fascinated me too and the hints throughout the book about her relationship with her deceased husband intrigued and kept me reading, though I may have wanted to know more sooner, to know that she was an equal match for Anthony. And I can't wait to see how Kate pulls off the next "Simply" story!

I'm now reading Songbird by Maya Banks. I do love Maya Banks's story but this one unfortunately feels a little like "deja vu" (deja lu peut-etre?)because it's so similar to other stories.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
I finished Simply Shameless by Kate Pearce. Great story! Kate's characters are so strong and smart. I already have Simply Wicked, and can't wait to read it, but first some Samhain books queued up:

I read Kiss and Kin by Kinsey Holley. A very fun read about wearwolve! And very hot!

Now reading Maison Domine, by Skylar Kade. Really enjoying it so far!