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WIPs and Chains
Before I talking about what I'm writing this week, I have to mention the Nine Naughty Novelists Anniversary Contest !  We're having a month long scavenger hunt and all the details are at our blog. November 9 will be our first anniversary so we're giving away some books and  $50 Amazon gift certificate!

Over the last week I have been writing again. Not a lot, but some. I'm still quite distracted by a lot of "writing business" issues but getting better. I was working on my new menage idea (as I mentioned, tentatively titled With Strings Attachd) and then go a little stuck. I believe I may have experienced writer's block!  My solution: work on something else. So I went back to Gabe's story and started zipping along with it. And it's going pretty well, actually! Since this story is set in Santa Barbara and that's where I actually am this week, hopefully the beautiful setting will provide inspiration. (see photo below!)

Also worked on edits last week, first round edits of my next Ellora's Cave release, Taming Tara. Just got second round of edits from my editor yesterday so will be working on that again this week.