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What I'm Reading Wednesday
This week I was sick, sick, sick. For a couple of days I couldn't even read because my eyes hurt and my head ached. So I haven't gotten much writing done, but once my eyes felt better I had a few days of laying around on the couch reading.

I finished No Matter What by Erin Nicholas. This was a very sweet touching story, a classic romance. And I read What She Needs by Lacey Alexander. This is one hot hot story. I am very admiring of Ms Alexander in the male hero she created this time - Brent is as sexually adventurous as he tries to teach Jenna to be, and Jenna even comments that he "walks the talk". I loved that and it was sizzling hot, too.

And I've just started reading an advance copy of a Samhain release that's out next week - In the Dark by PG Forte. I cannot put this book down. Already I can tell this book is so different! I'm not one to read a lot of vampire books, but this one has hooked me. More next week.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
I can't believe it's Wednesday already, I'm so lost I forgot to post this morning.

This past week I finished Iron by PG Forte. I wrote a little about it last week. It has a most unusual ending - HEA? Hmmm...

I also read a yummy little quickie by one of my fav authors Lacey Alexander (aka Toni Blake) - Scott's Satin Sheets. Another classic Lacey Alexander story about a good girl discovering her inner bad girl.

And I've started Simply Shameless by Kate Pearce. I've read the other "Simply" stories and this one is Helene's...fabulous.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
Okay, before I talk about what I've read this week I just have to say - GO PENGUINS! And GO MOOSE! Both my teams won last night. Must have been because it was my 25th wedding anniversary. Now there's a romantic way to spend your 25th anniversary - flipping back and forth between two hockey games!

One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake
I recently read The Bikini Diaries by Lacey Alexander, one of my favorite authors, and of course I kove Toni Blake too since they’re the same person. One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake should carry a Kleenex alert as I sobbed my way through the last chapters, staying up until midnight to finish it. I don’t even want to talk about what happens - just read it!

The conflict between right and wrong, black and white is so well done. Mick is doing something that technically yeah, is very wrong. Something for which there could be very serious consequences. And Jenny is doing something wrong, too, with potentially just as serious consequences. And yet – you’re rooting for both of them, wanting them to do what they’re doing because it’s NOT just black and white, there are all kinds of shades of grey and there are all kinds of reasons people do the things they do. And then to make things worse, Jenny betrays a confidence. When Mick finds out about the betrayal, he doesn’t know why she did it, he just knows she did it. But again, there are shades of grey and reasons why...

Can there be good reasons for betraying a confidence, keeping a secret, telling a lie, breaking a law…?

In the Flesh by Livia Dare (aka Sylvia Day)
This is a super-hot story with a sexy kick-ass heroine who fights along side the man she loves. The story is simple, but the stakes are high, and the fictional world is well created. I usually don’t read many fantasy/futuristic kinds of stories, but I could picture this world clearly and the technology was well-integrated into the story, believable and not “too convenient”. A great read!

And I’ve just started No Limits by Alison Kent.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
Luckily I'm able to post this - last night we had a power failure due to heavy rains/sleet. The lights had been flickering all day and then the whole neighbourhood went black. Had to light a few candles for a while but happily it was short.

This week I read The Bikini Diaries by Lacey Alexander. Once again she has written a great story of a good girl who goes bad. She's a bad bunny. (I like that!) I love the journey of self-discovery in this story and the insights shared. I'm sure we've all felt that insecurity when faced with a gorgeous, confident woman - imagined her life is perfect, and wished we could be her. Or be like her. And maybe we can - because it's all about how we see ourselves - having confidence in ourselves and having the courage to step "out of the box".

And...if the setting for this story is based on a real resort - I so want to go there!

I also read Maverick by Lora Leigh. This story was okay. As usual, very hot, but somehow I didn't connect with the characters in this story as much as others.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
This post is up late due to continuing &*#$^*#% internet problems. I was without internet for 5 days last week, and it took 2 repair people to "fix" the problem. Except it's not totally fixed and still doing weird things. This morning I couldn't get on again. Big sigh. It's such a huge part of my life these days!

On the weekend I finished BIG Temptation by Robin Rotham. I loved this story and both the characters. I love a really wounded hero, which Barrett is. Very hot, too! And I just read Caught by Jamie Alden, which I enjoyed. Starting today: The Bikini Diaries by Lacey Alexander. Can't wait to get into that, I really like Lacey's stories. FWIW, Lacey Alexander is who got me started reading ebooks!