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Friday Sneak Peek
Okay I don't know if I ever did a sneak peek for this book - Power Shift. I think I was waiting for the contract to get all signed and sealed but we had a small problem due to the postal strike here and I ended up having to resend it to the Ellora's Cave office. I don't have my copy back yet, but apparently it arrived and we've already started edits, so I think we're good to go!

This could be Gabe
The hero of Power Shift is Gabe Pejovic. You may remember him from Power Struggle -- he was the Master Dom of Le Chateau who was Tori's play partner and then helped her and Dev figure things out. A number of readers and reviewers commented that he should have his own story, and I thought so too, so this is it!

I'll write more about this book closer to release (the date of which I do not know, but I expect it won't be too long) but for now here's a tiny unedited excerpt:

The bathroom door opened and light spilled briefly into the room before he flicked the light off and walked back toward her. He was incredibly beautiful, big, strong, his body perfect-male shaped, wide at the shoulders, narrow at the hips. His face was in shadow as he approached her and she watched, made herself sit still despite all her confusion and misgivings.

“I’m sorry,” he said, stopping in front of her.

She had to force herself not to stare at his groin, which was where she wanted to look. Even unaroused, he was impressive, his cock resting on his testicles, still thick and beautiful. She tilted her head back and met his eyes.

“You don’t have to apologize,” she said. “But you could tell me what happened.”

His mouth tightened just slightly, his face drawn into austere lines. “It’s nothing.”

“Oh Gabe.” She reached for his hand, so big, calloused on the palms, rough on the fingertips, so masculine and strong. She pulled him forward and he sat beside her. “Just talk to me. Tell me what you were feeling. You know...” She hesitated.


“I could take it personally. I could think that you had big regrets about sleeping with me.”

“Christ no!” His shock reassured her, gave her confidence to push forward.

“But you can see why I might think that.” She still held his hand, in both hers, rubbing her thumbs over the back of it.

He sighed.

“So for that reason alone, I deserve to know it wasn’t me,” she continued. “Right?”

“Oh Reagan.” He sighed. “There are thing about don’t want to know.”

“Oh.” She considered that. Truthfully, she didn’t need anyone else’s crap dumped on her. She had enough of her own. And yet...she’d found an amazing way of dealing with her own problems had been by helping others. And also...she found she wanted to know. And wanted to make things better for him. Was this one more challenge in her journey? “So did I just sleep with a psycho? Or is it your midlife crisis again?”

He choked on a laugh and her insides warmed that she’d made him do that. “I’m not a psycho, but I am a bit fucked up.”

She sighed. “Jeez, Gabe, aren’t we all?”