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What I'm Reading Wednesday
Okay it's actually Tuesday, but I have to post this early because I have to be at the day job very early tomorrow morning, long story.

This week I read True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson. This is my first book by this author. I'd heard good things about her and all the quotes inside the front cover made big promises which sadly didn't actually deliver. I was also prepared to love this story because it's about a hockey player and you all know I love hockey players! So much I wrote my own story about one, but that's another post. And the hockey player is Canadian! It's cute how she throws in the "eh"s once in a while at the end of Ty's sentences but they didn't actually sound that natural, certainly not as natural as when I use them, eh? (I confess, I do say it a lot.) Also one teeny problem with the hockey - Ty was branded a traitor by his former team when he accepted an offer to move to another team for a better chance to win the Stanley Cup. Sorry, that doesn't happen (unless he's a free agent which it didn't seem like). The decision to trade a player is made by the two teams and the player doesn't have much say in it (right Wayne Gretzky?)

I also have to give major credit to Ms Gibson for writing a heroine who is a former stripper and Playboy centerfold who marries a rich old man for his money. Those of us just beginning our writing careers would be annihilated for trying something like that! But the story was pretty good although also pretty formulaic apart from the stripper/centerfold/trophy wife thing, and I have to say I LOVED it when Ty faces off against Sydney Crosby and says "Ready to lose Cindy?" and then disses his facial hair. GREAT LINE! (even though I cheered for Cindy's Penguins!)
What I'm Reading Wednesday
This week I finished Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen. Another great story. I love how her characters are all such individuals. Creed is a wounded hero. It was kind of funny how one of the themes of this story echoes my own book that's out this week, How to Save a Life. Creed is the big tough agent trying to save Cody's life, but in the end they really save each other.

One more to read - Crazy Kisses - and then I can get the newest one out this month, Breaking Loose, can't wait!

And I also read Bending the Rules by Susan Andersen. She has a great style and tells a good story, too, this one features a character from her last book, Poppy, from Cutting Loose.

Just starting: True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson. I've never read a Rachel Gibson book but I thought I should check it out. Will report back next week!