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What I'm Reading Wednesday
I finished Fade to Midnight by Shannon McKenna. This was a hefty book and kept me reading for a while. I loved it. It was so perfect for Kev's story. I wouldn't have minded a little more wrap up at the end about him reuniting with his family, and would have been nice to see Edie getting to know  his brothers and all those wonderful characters we all know. My only complaint!

I'm now reading The Devil She Knows by Diane Whiteside. I usually enjoy Ms Whiteside's historical romances featuring strong heroines and lots of heat. Portia in this story is definitely strong and feisty but I must say I felt cheated when the first love scene happened "off stage". That first encounter between hero and heroine is so important! But I will keep reading.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
I finished Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I really loved this story. From the blurb on the back cover, I wasn't sure I was going to, but it was great. The character of Sadie was so entertaining and I love how the two women learn from each other. Of course, there could have been a little more romance for me, but there is a love story. The only other thing that would have made it better would have been a little epilogue about Sadie - after she passed on, I'm so hoping she was finally with the man she loved.

Now I'm reading Fade to Midnight, by Shannon McKenna, one of my favourite authors. And I've been waiting so long for Kev's story! It's not disappointing, either, love Kev, love Edie, and the tension is building. Okay, it's a little improbable that they fell in love in one day, even though they did see each other years earlier, once, but I'm hooked so I'm totally going with it!
What I'm Reading Wednesday

This week I finished Taste of Fear by Shannon McKenna. Three great stories in one book, the usual Shannon McKenna intense alpha heroes brought to their knees by a good woman. Sigh.

Just started Deeper by Megan Hart. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when I read her Spice Brief that she is one of my absolute favourite authors! I love how she writes. Her stories are always intensely moving. This story has me totally intrigued and trying to figure out what happened and I suspect I’m going to be shedding some tears before it’s done…

Still working on those research books House of Mondavi and At Home in the Vineyard.
What I'm Reading Wednesday
Finished Secret Ties by Opal Carew. The way it ended up kind of surprised me, in a good way.

I also read Breaking Midnight by Emma Holly. I’m not so much into vampires but it’s Emma Holly, and it was great! Super hot and several romance stories for the price of one.

And I started Tasting Fear by Shannon McKenna (great week for favourite writers, Emma Holly and Shannon McKenna are two of my top picks!) This is a big fat book (reading it in print) which includes three sisters’ stories. At the moment I’m a little annoyed with Liam, but I’ll probably forgive him (and so will Nancy, LOL).

Meanwhile I have several other non fiction books on the go:
Still reading The House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler
Started: The Hit Charade: Lou Pearlman, Boy Bands and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in US History (there’s a title for ya) by Tyler Gray
At Home in the Vineyard by Susan Sokol Blosser. Lovely.