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And oh, man, was I surprised!Our kids threw a surprise party for my husband and me, to celebrate a big wedding anniversary and milestone birthdays this year. They managed to pull it off without us having a clue!

Our friends J&L wanted to go out for dinner Friday night. This had been planned for a few weeks. Earlier in the week my daughter asked if it was okay if she had friends over Friday night. I said sure, but we won't be home, we're going out with J&L which was fine. She did a little house cleaning that day to get ready for her friends, which I thought was so nice. I picked up a few snacks for them and the makings for mojitos in case J&L maybe came back to our place after dinner. My son asked if he could go over to a friend's place that night, and again I said sure, as long as you have a ride home. He said his friends would drive him home. I didn't suspect a thing.

J&L picked us up, we had a really nice dinner and bottle of wine and when I suggested going back to our place for mojitos they said great! Still not a clue.

J was texting as we left the restaurant. Still no clue.

Our other friend B called my husband's cell phone as we were finishing dinner. Just to see where we were and what we were doing. He calls like that all the time. Still no idea.

We walked into a house full of people, with balloons and decorations and food, even a big birthday cake, and I almost died! I had NO idea. I stood there in shock for about ten minues and was in a complete daze for a good part of the evening!

It was so much fun, and I still can't believe they pulled it off without us knowing a thing.