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Cover lovin'!!
I got me some cover love to share with y'all!! Two covers in one week, woo hoo and they are AWESOME!

First up:  SWEET DEAL

Sweet Deal is a sexy contemporary romance and will be out June 12:

 And...HOT RIDE!
This is a romantic adventure, something a little different for me and I love, love, LOVE this cover:

WIPs and Chains
Monday morning and YAY! It's a holiday! So I'm at home today. Am I writing? Having finished my WIP last week, including a few passes through it to tidy up some loose ends and add a little layering, it has now been put away to rest. Along with the  NINE other completed manuscripts I have sitting there in my computer.

Well truthfully, most of them aren't just sitting there. Five of them are out on submission at various places.

I did write this week, though, because it was my turn to write my chapter of the next Nine Naughty Novelists serial story. Oh I had so much fun writing it! It was just fun - exciting and exhilarating and energizing. It reminded me why I love writing. And I can't wait until it's ready for everyone to read, I think it's going to be another good one!

I also worked on edits this past week for Breakaway AND I got a print galley for Lost and Found to review so I started that. And I'm mulling a few ideas over in my head, deciding what to work on next.

And since I just got my cover for Breakaway here's a first peek at it:

I quite love it!! That's Jase, pro hockey player, and Remi, sixth grade teacher.


I have a print anthology out today!! This is the "Wet" series at Ellora's Cave which includes my novella, Sexpresso Night. Here's that cover:
Woo hoo!!
New cover! Blurb!
Here's the cover I just got for my next Ellora's Cave release. 

Tara Lockhart has had to be tough and in control to prove to her grandfather, and the rest of the world, that she can run the family business. But when Grandpa hires Joe Scaletta to help manage the business, her control is threatened.

At Le Château, Tara believes she’ll find what she really wants—men who will let her be strong and dominant and in control.

Joe is desperate to make a success of this job after his career tanked in a disastrous scandal. When he runs into Tara at Le Château, her Dominatrix act doesn’t fool him—he can see the submission inside her. He knows if he can show her that side of herself, it will make his new job a helluva lot easier. But teaching Tara to see inside herself becomes more than just a business strategy—it becomes personal.

I don't have a release date yet so stay tuned!