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Spring is finally here!
I spent the last two days not writing or editing (which I should be - I'm working on edits for a book that's coming out in TWO WEEKS! Yikes!) but shopping for flowers and plants and playing outside in the yard. It was a really long winter this year, started early, ended late and was @#$* cold. But it looks like spring is here now.

I love choosing flowers and designing my container gardens. I mostly plant the same things every year but I'm always looking for something new and different. This year I found a bright yellow Dascia - gorgeous! I love oranges and yellows. And a beautiful Million Bells that's bright yellow with a red/orange center. I'll take pictures when everything's all planted.

I decided to dig a new flower bed along the long side of the yard, against the fence. Then I wrestled with giant hostas and lilies to divide them and move them to the new bed. That was hard work. So far it looks like they all survived. I also dug up and moved some Lamiastrum (spotted deadnettle) to the new bed. And I dug out a whole lot of dandelions from the lawn.

When I was done, I got out all the cushions and put them on the furniture on the deck, turned on the outdoor speaker for some music, poured myself a glass of wine and just sat there in the sun. My hands are blistered, my muscles hurt, my skin is sunburned...but I love it!