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Spring Showers!

If any of you haven't heard about this incredible event, Coffeetime is having a big Samhain celebration at their forum, with tons and tons of excerpts and prizes.

My excerpt from 2 Hot 2 Handle is up this week.  To win, all you have to do is comment on it, or any of the excerpts (and you get to check out lots and lots of great books).

Here's a bit about the rules:

"For each excerpt you comment on you will receive one entry up to a maximum of one entry per excerpt. To make things even more wonderful, since we authors love you soooo much, each entry you get will carry over until the end of the promo in five weeks time. Meaning, you can accumulate simply tons of entries into the last and splenderifically fantasticus final prize draw, and the Star Prize of three ebook downloads of your choice from Samhain Publishing.

Basically, the more excerpts you comment on over the next four weeks, the more chances you have to win.

Can you win more than once? Yep, you bet your little cookies you can. We don't toss your cookies, uhm, entries just because you’ve won. And if you can't comment on an excerpt for one week (like if you've died and had to come back as a lost spirit to enter) don't worry. You won't receive an entry for that week's prizes but the excerpts remain up for the run of the contest. That way you can comment on them at any time for the current weeks prizes."