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Defying the recession
There are some industries which are defying the recession and doing well according to Recession Winners: 10 Recession Winners - .

These are:
  1. Home Gardening
  2. Hollywood
  3. Bodice Rippers
  4. Condom Makers
  5. Résumé Editing
  6. Public Universities
  7. Chocolate
  8. McDonald's
  9. Career Development Websites
  10. At-Home Coffee Brews

You can see the commonalities between many of these things – things that help us escape and feel good – creating something beautiful through gardening, watching movies, reading romance books, having sex, eating chocolate, drinking a great cup of coffee at home. Other things help us save money (on the McDonald’s thing, for me it’s not just cheap food - I’ll admit to a guilty pleasure in McDonald’s French fries – in fact I’d rather eat French fries than chocolate!)

But why did they have to refer to romance novels as “bodice rippers”!!! Ack!! See my blog post about this Building Castles - Kelly Jamieson's Blog: Bodice rippers????

Ah well. Go read a romance novel, eat some chocolate and make sure you have condoms…