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Sixty nine threesome
A three-six-nine is a very short work consisting of three stories of exactly sixty-nine words each. The stories are all written to a common theme, and each has its own title. The piece as a whole also has a title, but the title doesn't count in the word count.

My critique partner,
Nara Malone, being a writer of erotic romance, changed the name of the three-six-nine to a sixty-nine threesome! Gotta love that!

I'm not very good at writing short and I'm definitely not a poet, but I decided to take a stab at a sixty-nine threesome using one of my books as a basis. It could be cheating - but on the other hand, I just used words I took from a longer story that I wrote.

See what you think!


Dark Hunger

The softness of his touch, his erection brushing her hip, his gentle smile, made her want to weep with longing for more – forceful hands, demanding kisses, the weight of a hard body pressing her down. She closed her eyes against the dark hunger rising inside her, the craving to be pushed, taken to the edge.
The cool silk slid through her fingers as she held it up. “Here.”


“You have to be punished now,” he whispered. He dragged her hands up to the headboard and wrapped her fingers around it. Then he laid his palm on her butt in a heavy caress. Once. She jolted, gasped. Twice. Three times. A warm pink shade bloomed there. He went to his knees beside the bed and licked. Kissed again. Nipped with his teeth.
“You like the burn, don’t you?”

The Gift

A stinging kiss.
Heat radiated over her body in edgy, transporting rapture. A hazy glow surrounded her, lights sparking behind her blindfolded eyelids, every last doubt fled from her mind and only trust remained.
With the pain came strength. The strength to submit. The strength to be helpless and vulnerable. The strength to transform the pain into pleasure. The strength to take what he gave her.
Which was everything.