Insatiable Part 4

“I’m helping you relax.” Chloe’s hands moved again on his shoulders, stroking, rubbing. Tyler lifted his head and his face was right in her breasts, in the open neck of her blouse. His hands, which had been lying on the couch beside him, moved to her hips, warm through her skirt.
“Chloe, you’re wearing a pink lace bra.” Wonder shaded his voice.
“Mmhmm. And my panties match.”
“Oh Jesus.” His hands tightened on her. Chloe shifted her hips forward to press against his erection and a triumphant thrill sizzled through her as she met his arousal with her pussy. She wanted to press the throbbing between her legs against him, rub against him to ease that empty ache. She struggled to control herself, reminding herself of her goal, which was not an orgasm. Was. Not.
But having him right there in her hands, between her open legs, was making her hot and testing her control. She rubbed a little, unable to resist, and sensation rocked through her body. It was all she could do to hold herself back.
Tyler’s big hands moved on her hips, slid up over her waist to the sides of her full breasts. She couldn’t restrain the soft moan that escaped her. He slipped his fingers into her blouse, pushed the two sides apart, touched the top curves of her breasts, then slid inside the lace cups to brush her nipples with his fingertips.
A tremor shook her body and she had to press herself against him, there was no stopping. She lowered her body fully onto him, right where she needed it.
“Chloe,” he gasped. She met his eyes, dark and hot, so hot he blistered her with his gaze. She smiled slowly at him, then his hands tangled in her hair and he pulled her forward. He pressed her mouth against his in a hard, urgent kiss. She opened her mouth to him and touched her tongue to his and he responded with an erotic thrust into her mouth, startling her. Lust exploded in her and she opened wider for him, their mouths locked in a long, wet, hot kiss like nothing she’d ever experienced.
She thought she might burst into flames. Her skin burned and tingled, her pussy ached and throbbed as she rocked against him again and again, pleasure winding up in her tighter and tighter. She was lost, flames consuming her, and she broke away from his mouth to gulp in air. His mouth trailed down her throat, hot and wet, opened over the curve of her breast and sucked gently.
“Oh, God,” she cried, and she pulled her blouse open wider for him. Tyler had one hand in her hair, and with the other he freed her swelling breast from her bra and put his mouth to her nipple.
“Chloe, you have awesome breasts,” he breathed. “Why do you cover them up?”
She choked on a laugh. “Maybe because it’d be illegal not to.” She felt his smile on her breast, then his mouth closed over the tip again in a suckling kiss. Sensation poured through her, thick and liquid, and she shuddered at the tug of his mouth on her nipple. She moaned again.
“Incredible,” he whispered, moving to the other breast. He used two hands to undo the front clasp of her bra and pushed it aside so he had access to both breasts. He laid his hands over them, squeezing gently, shaping them, then cupped one and lifted the nipple to his mouth again.
She was so close to coming, just from rubbing against him. The vague thought lurked in the back of her mind that this wasn’t supposed to go this far, but it was a hazy, incoherent wisp in her lust-fogged brain. She put her hands on his chest.
Then he slipped a hand down between them and under her skirt. Her pink lace thong matched her bra, and the thin strip of fabric between her legs was no barrier to his fingers. She could tell her panties were damp, she was so wet and hot, and his fingers slid easily between her folds and into her.
“God, you’re wet,” he breathed, his other hand pulling her head in for a kiss again. His tongue thrust into her mouth as his fingers pushed into her and she was desperate, frantic for more, needing to be filled.
“Hold on,” he murmured against her mouth and withdrew his fingers. His hands went to the button of his jeans.
Suddenly chilled awareness of what was happening shivered over her. He was about to open his pants and in two seconds he’d be inside her and they’d be having sex.
This wasn’t supposed to go this far.
With gut-wrenching determination, she pulled away from him, throbbing and panting.
“Stop!” She pushed her hair back from her face and held it there.
He looked at her in stunned confusion. “Chloe...what?”
She scrambled up from the couch and stood before him, yanking the sides of her blouse together.
“I’ve just proved my point,” she told him coolly, getting her breath. “You are fickle. You’ve forgotten Mandy already.” She deliberately glanced at her watch. “Now let’s get to the restaurant.”
He stared at her while her heart drummed in her chest.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” His hand pressed hard against the fly of his jeans, still bulging with his arousal. A flush darkened his cheeks and his eyes glittered. He reached out and grabbed her hand. “Chloe, what the hell...”
She stepped back, out of his reach. “I mean it, Tyler. You’re not heartbroken, you’re just horny. Now, come on, you have a business to run.”
He stared at her in stunned disbelief. “Are you telling me that you did that on purpose?”
She nodded.
“You were faking all that just to prove you were right about me?” Again she nodded, cool and composed. Then his eyes grew hot and furious. “You...”
She held up a hand.
“You can call me names later. Hell, you can fire me if you want. You have every right to, actually.” It was true, and her heart skipped a beat at the thought. But for now she had to save him from himself. “Let’s go.” He looked down at his hard-on. “I can’t go like this,” he muttered.
“Five minutes. Go change.”
He stood up. “Give me ten. I’m going to need a little hand action and a cold shower.”
He strode out of the room and Chloe collapsed onto the couch. She buried her face in her hands, shocked at herself and the lengths to which she would go to manipulate him. She’d definitely changed his mood. But what had she done to herself?
The crack of a door slamming made her jerk upright.
She’d rather see him angry than depressed any day. He did some of his best work when he was angry... but not when he was down.
She was even more shocked at her reaction to him. She should have known she was explosive, like the gas ranges in the restaurant – pilot light burning low and slow, but at one touch from Tyler bursting into flames. Now he was furious with her and she could even lose her job. This was what happened when you let emotions take over, dammit. No good. No good.
She sighed. If Tyler didn’t show up at the restaurant tonight, and Oprah was there, there’d be hell to pay. He’d thank her later. Maybe.
She did up her blouse and tucked it into her skirt with shaky fingers, ran her fingers through her hair to smooth it down, and glanced down the hall where Tyler had disappeared.