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Insatiable Part 20

Tyler stared at Chloe as she unbuttoned her shirt. Standing, she undid the button and zipper of her Capri pants and stepped out of them. Then she climbed onto his lap, straddled him as she had that afternoon, her blouse hanging open over her bra and black lace boy short panties.
His eyes were so hot she was surprised she didn’t combust on the spot under his heated gaze, scorching her as he lowered his gaze to the opening of her shirt and his hands parted the two sides. Today her black demi-bra was so low-cut her nipples almost showed. He sucked in his breath.
“Holy shit,” he muttered. “Chloe, your underwear is killing me.”
Her heart expanded and warmed. His hands slid up her legs and under the lace edge of the panties to cup her cheeks. The touch of hands on her bare thighs and bottom sent flames licking over her body, need twisting inside her. She leaned forward to kiss him with everything she had, remembering that last time and how badly she’d wanted to feel his hands on her. And now...God, it was hard to believe she was here, doing this, and it was real.
They kissed like that for a long time, slow, open-mouthed, wet kisses, his hands on her butt, her hands on his face, holding him. She lowered herself fully onto his lap and scooted forward until his erection pressed right against her pussy, and it felt so good she gasped.
He lifted his hips to press his hardness against her and she broke the kiss.
Then his hands pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down. It fell somewhere, she didn’t care where. She sat up straight, her head falling back, her long hair brushing his knees. His hands cupped her breasts, slid under the top edge of the demi-cup to touch her nipples. He lifted one breast out of the low-cut cup and leaned forward to touch his lips to her nipple. Sensation shot through her and swelled between her legs. He kissed her softly, then tucked her breast back into the bra cup and moved to the other one.
“Take my bra off,” she whispered. He shook his head, surprising her.
“I love this bra. Leave it on. Just for a while.”
A soft moan escaped her and she canted her hips against his erection. He brought her head down to his again to kiss him.
Then she slid to the floor in front of him, her fingers on the button of his jeans. He groaned again, hands fisted in her hair, as she opened his zipper carefully and drew out his erection, rigid and engorged, heavy veins pulsing. So beautiful. She gathered her hair behind her, leaned to the side, took that long ponytail and wrapped it around his cock.
His hips jerked off the couch. “Shit, Chloe!” She tightened the hair around him and slid the ring of hair slowly up his shaft and off. And again. She sat back a little to look at him, loved the expression of agony and ecstasy on his dark face, his eyes closed, cheeks flushed.
She loved the feeling of power she had, the power to arouse him so fiercely. At this moment, even though she suspected otherwise, she could believe that she was the only one who could affect him so deeply. Then she shook her hair back and leaned forward to kiss his cock. Again his body shook.
“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he muttered. Encouraged, she kissed the tip of him again, opened her mouth over him and sucked the head into her mouth. She licked over the head, finding a drop of moisture there that she tasted and liked. His fingers drove into her hair again and he held her head tightly.
Hungry for more of him, she licked him all over, up and down the shaft, took him in her hand to hold him as she did so. When he was wet all over, she closed her hand around the base and pulled, as she had done in the shower. Now she knew he liked it hard, she gripped him firmly. Then she took him in her mouth, as deep as she could. He was so big, and when he hit the back of her throat her eyes watered, so she eased off at bit, still sucking. Then she lifted her head from him and looked up.
“I can’t...”
“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” he said, his voice ragged. He squeezed his eyes closed, the corners of his mouth turned down.
“No, no! I want to, I’m going to...I just can’t...take you very deep.”
“That’s okay, baby. You don’t have to deep throat me. Just put your mouth on me like you were doing. That felt so fucking awesome.”
His hands guided her head back to him and she took him in again, loving the feel and the taste of him. She swirled her tongue around him, over the head, took him as deep as she could, squeezed his shaft with her hand. With her other hand she cupped his balls, eliciting another growl from him. Her fingers went lower, around behind his scrotum, pressed the firm skin there and he thrust deeper into her mouth.
“God, yeah,” he groaned. “Oh, Chloe.”
She sucked and moved her hand harder and he lifted into her mouth faster.
“I’m going to come. Chloe, if you want to pull back, do it now...”
But she didn’t. She let him thrust into her mouth, his hands hard on her skull as he held here there and then she tasted the salty sharp taste of his hot semen as he spurted into her.
“Yeah, fuck yeah.”
Liquid trickled out of her mouth and her hand became wet and slippery, and he shuddered beneath her touch.
She sucked gently, licked the head of his penis, which made him jolt. He must be sensitive after that. She lifted her head and wiped her mouth. She stayed there, between his knees for a moment, gulping air into her lungs.
He laid there, head flung back, eyes closed. His hands still rested on her head and chest heaved as he, too, struggled for breath.
“Holy shit,” he finally whispered. “Holy shit.”
“Was that okay?” She nibbled her bottom lip.
“Okay?, that wasn’t okay...that was unfuckingbelievable.” He grabbed her and dragged her up so she lay on top of him.
“I loved doing that,” she whispered to him, gazing into his eyes, amazed at how much she had loved it. “You taste so good, Tyler.”
“I’ll take your word for that one,” he replied, a smile touching the corners of his mouth. “You are incredible, Chloe. So hot.”
She smiled and laid her head on his chest.
Then he said, “Now the bedroom. And my turn to eat.”
He pulled her down the hall after him.

* * *

He left her bra and panties on because they were so damn sexy. That bra! It pushed her breasts up so high they were practically falling out. And those panties! So short half her cheeks were revealed, and the loose lace around the bottom gave him easy access. His fingers happily slid there to feel her. She was wet, so wet, and that turned him on all over again.
He was so wrung out from that stupendous blow job he hoped he had the energy to go down on her and give her at least one orgasm. Then he remembered the taste of her, and voracious hunger and adrenaline kicked in.
He lowered her to his bed in the dark. He left the door ajar so light from the living room gave just enough illumination to see her beautiful face and sexy body.
Still dressed, he yanked the t-shirt over his head, and shucked off his jeans. Then he climbed up beside her and lay down, bending one arm and resting his head on his hand. With his other hand he stroked up her stomach and between her breasts, across her chest and shoulders, down one soft, slim arm. Then he did the same with her legs, reaching as low as he could go, trailing his fingers up the inside of one thigh. Her legs shifted, parted for him.
“That’s it, sweetheart, open your legs for me.” He watched her face, eyes closed, lips parted, and he felt a jolt as a vision of her mouth on his cock flashed into his mind. His own eyes closed, then opened again to watch her. He continued to pet her, everywhere, and her legs opened wider in invitation. She moved on the bed, her hips lifting.
“Touch me, Tyler,” she whispered.
“Oh, yeah. Tell me what you want, Chloe. I’ll do whatever you want.”
She moaned. “I want you to touch me.”
“Touch you where?”
“Oh God. Don’t make me...”
“Yes, Chloe, you have to tell me...”
Taking a breath, she whispered, “Touch me between my legs.”
“Your pussy?” he asked, and she moaned again, low and ragged.
“Yes,” she hissed. “There.” Then, bravely, “Touch my clit.”
Her words almost undid him and he shuddered. “Yeah.” He moved his fingers where she’d asked him, slipped through the slick folds, parted her labia, stroked her wetness all over and rubbed. Then he found her clit and circled it, then rubbed over it.
“Is that the spot, sweetheart?”
“Yessssss.” He stroked a little harder, firmer over her inner lips, found the entrance to her and pushed a finger in. And out. In and out. His thumb brushed over her clit and her legs fell open wider and her hips lifted against his hand in a jerky rhythm. He knew she was going to come. He withdrew his hand.
“Noooo,” she groaned, hips lifting against nothing. Her head tossed on the pillow. “Tyler...please.”
“I want to taste you again, Chloe. Do you want that?”
“Yes, yes, I want you to lick me.”
“Oh, me too, baby, me too.” He slid down her body, kissing her belly, dipping his tongue in her navel, then pressing his mouth to each hip bone in a soft wet love bite. Then he proceeded to feast on her sweetness, making her come over and over.
When she was limp and sated, he pulled her over him, tucked her head under his chin and covered them up with soft blankets.
“Now tell me about your mother,” he said.
She sighed and snuggled in closer. “You want to talk? Now?”
He kissed her hair. “Sure.” He was hoping that after what they’d just shared she’d open up a bit more. How much more intimate could they get?
She gave another pretty sigh. “Well, you know about my mom. Our dad left her when my sister and I were little. I don’t think he could handle the stuff that went on with her moods. Up, down, all over the place, that was my mom. He did try to keep in touch but she made it difficult, and over the years we just grew apart. He got married again, had more kids, had a new family.”
“That’s hard.” He stroked her hair and she nodded.
“I missed my dad because he was so nice and normal,” she said. “And I really hated him for leaving us with her. Sometimes I wished he’d taken us with him. And sometimes...and I’m so ashamed of this...I even said that to my mom.” She shifted against him. “I know that hurt her. I was such a selfish kid.”
“That’s not selfish, Chloe. You were a kid.”
“All kids are selfish to a certain extent,” she said. “But I did care about Carly and I cared about my mom, too, so I couldn’t just leave her. I thought about running away and trying to convince my dad to let me live with him, but then I guess pride stopped me because he obviously didn’t want us. And I was afraid for my mom if I left.”
“You looked after her.”
She nodded again. “Yeah. I looked after her. When she was up, it could be fun. Sometimes she was very charming when she was manic. But it was scary, too. She wouldn’t eat, or sleep. Then she’d go on a rampage, not go to work, say mean things to us. She’d go nuts cleaning the house.” She paused. “I didn’t have a lot of friends at school, because I was afraid for them to meet my mom. I was embarrassed by her.”
“It’s hard when you’re a teenager, trying to fit in.”
She nodded against his chest. “She’d lose a job, find another one for a while but it never lasted. A couple of times she ended up in the hospital. So I had to start finding part-time jobs to help support us.” He stroked her hair, the smooth curve of her back. “And when she was down it was horrible. Her depression just sucked the life out of everything. I felt so helpless, but when I tried to get Mom to go for help, she’d just yell at me, tell me I was a bad kid and I should just get out of her life.”
“Oh, Chloe.” His chest ached and he wrapped his arms around her tighter. Tyler pressed her head to his chest. “I told you before, I know you did the best you could. It sounds like you busted your ass trying to look after everyone else.”
She tipped her head back to look up at him. “I tried. When Mom was in the hospital, I didn’t have much choice. Carly was so little, she didn’t understand what was going on.” She pressed her lips to his chest. “I’ve never told anyone stuff like this.”
He felt like an ice cube had lodged in his throat, didn’t trust himself to speak, so he just wrapped his arms around her. Then the words he’d never said to any woman fell out of his mouth. “I love you, Chloe.”
Insatiable Part 17

Tyler mixed kosher salt, coarsely ground pepper and ground coffee. He tasted it, knowing it would be harsh, but...“Bleh!” He scowled. “These peppercorns are stale.”
In the dry goods room, he rummaged around for the peppercorns.
“Carlos!” he yelled. “Don’t we have any peppercorns?”
Ryan appeared. “I just did inventory, I’m sure we do.” He peered into the shelves. “Calm down, Tyler.”
Tyler looked at him, puzzled. “I am calm.”
Ryan’s head jerked around. “Uh...yeah. You are. Sorry.” He found the peppercorns and handed them to Tyler. Tyler smiled.
“Thanks, man,” he said. “The ones I have are old and taste like shit.”
He replaced the peppercorns in his grinder. “Anyone else need fresh?” He held up the container. “For God’s sake, don’t use old peppercorns. Please.”
His staff exchanged glances.
“You get laid last night?” Carlos asked him with a grin. He traded a look with Ryan.
Tyler started. “My business,” he said with a one-shouldered shrug. Although he had no intention of hiding his relationship with Chloe, he didn’t want it to start by announcing they’d slept together. They’d go out this weekend, out in the open, and then everyone would know. Yeah.
He continued working on his new creation and slid the pork tenderloins into the oven to roast. Now for the sauce. He went to the bar for inspiration. He wanted a cream sauce...but it needed a kick, a boozy kick. He studied the multitude of bottles lining the mirrored wall behind the bar. Brandy...cognac. Nah. Too...predictable. He grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels and carried it back to the kitchen.
He chopped shallots and tossed them into a sauté pan with butter. They sizzled as he minced garlic, found demi-glace and heavy cream. When the shallots were nicely softened he added the garlic, then poured the Jack Daniels in. Flames shot up, attracting the attention of the others.
“What are you making over there, Chef?” Alejandro called.
“Trying something new,” Tyler muttered, focused on his creation. He added the demi-glace and the cream and left it to reduce. Then he started on something else.
A while later he cut a piece of pork and popped it into his mouth. He closed his eyes, chewed, savored, swallowed. It was good...but not fantastic. It was the rub. He needed to adjust the proportions and add something...thyme. Yeah, thyme. That was it.
By the end of the afternoon he had a new special that blew his mind.
“Chloe!” He pounded up the stairs.
“What do you want me to taste?”
“How did you know?” “I just know.” She smiled. “Should I come down?”
“Yeah. Please.” She followed him downstairs to the kitchen where he cut a piece of perfectly cooked pork, then lifted the fork to her mouth.
She tasted it, swallowed. “Oh, that’s good,” she said. “It’s fabulous! I love it!”
He gazed at her. She always gave him her honest opinion, but today she was A night of sizzling sex had loosened her up. He might have a new Chloe on his hands.
She tipped her head to one side. “What?”
He smiled slowly at her. “You are so sexy.”
She blushed and he was aware of the kitchen staff watching.
“Carlos, come try this!” he invited, and Carlos and the others surrounded them for a taste. Everyone expressed complete approval of his new creation and his chest swelled with pride.
“I’ll make it one of tomorrow’s specials,” he told them. “Carlos, what do you think we should serve it with?”
Carlos considered. “Let me taste it again.” He tasted and thought. “Potatoes,” he said. “Something simple.”
“Potatoes!” Tyler said. “No way. I think pasta.”
They argued for a while and then Tyler got his way as usual.
The next day when Tyler did the tasting for the floor staff of the day’s specials, including his new pork tenderloin creation, everyone was unanimous that it was fantastic. But when Tyler tasted it with the pasta he knew it was a mistake.
“Carlos, you were right,” he said, going into the kitchen. “Potatoes, man.”
Carlos grinned. “Thanks, Chef.”
As Tyler walked out to go reprint the specials with the change, he heard Carlos say, “That’s why I like working here.”
Tyler smiled.

* * *

Chloe had RSVP’d to the invitation to the Sea Center fundraiser, never in her wildest dreams imagining “Tyler Gregg and guest” would be her.
She’d gone shopping for a new dress. The strapless fitted bodice was intricate layers of sheer fabric, a sandy-pink color, flowing into a slim but soft skirt that floated around her ankles. She turned on her new snakeskin stilettos in front of the mirror, one way then the other, and bit her lip. Did she look okay for her first public appearance with Tyler?
Her doorbell rang and then the front door opened. Tyler. She hurried out of her bedroom and down the hall, heels tapping on the hardwood floor.
Of course, he was stunningly gorgeous in his tux.
“Oh,” she breathed, eyes moving over him.
He grinned and stuck a finger inside his collar. “I hate wearing this thing, but women do seem to like it.”
Her excitement dimmed, just a tad, at the reminder of how many women Tyler had worn this tuxedo for.
His eyes moved over her in turn, and the way they heated up erased all those other women from her mind.
“You look incredible, Chloe,” he murmured, stepping into her house. “I want to kiss you, but I don’t want to mess you up.”
Did she care about getting messed up? Not in the least. So she set her hands on his chest. Even in her heels she had to go onto her toes to reach his mouth. His hands held her waist lightly, then tightened as she kissed him again, and again.
He moved her away from him. “We won’t make it there if you don’t stop,” he warned, eyes glittering, a smile tugging the corners of his mouth.
“No, you’re not.” He grinned.
She arched a brow at him and went to find her purse and wrap.
The fundraiser was being held at Fess Parker’s resort in the outdoor rotunda. Arched windows provided views of swaying palm trees and the ocean across the street, and soft evening breezes wafted through the space. Tiny white lights twinkled in potted palms, and flowers scented the air.
Waiters mingled with guests, offering trays of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Chloe sipped a flute of champagne as she stayed by Tyler’s side. He knew so many people there and chatted and flirted his way around the room. He introduced her to everyone, at times holding her hand, circling his arm around her waist, leaning in to whisper in her ear. This was the kind of party she and Michael had so often attended, the kind of party she’d detested, but Michael had never made her feel this special or included.
And speaking of Michael...there he was. Right in front of them, an attractive brunette on his arm.
As the four of them came face to face, a moment of heavy silence enveloped them.
Then Tyler broke it. “Michael,” he said easily, extending his hand. “Glad to run into you. I owe you an apology.”
Michael took Tyler’s hand somewhat reluctantly and the woman with him frowned.
“Sorry about hitting you, man,” Tyler continued with his most charming smile, and Chloe almost laughed. “Hope there was no damage done.”
Michael scowled and shook his head, his eyes moving between Chloe and Tyler, so close together there was no mistaking their relationship. “Hello, Chloe.”
“Hi, Michael. How are you?”
“I’m fine.” He introduced Tyler and Chloe to his companion and after a few more polite words, they moved on.
“Well, that was awkward,” Tyler said, a smile touching his lips as he sipped his champagne.
“Thanks to you, you pugilist.”
He grinned. “Hey, I was defending you.”
She smiled. “Thank you,” she said softly. “That really is very sweet. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth; that would have saved your knuckles. And Michael’s nose.”
Tyler removed her glass from her hand and set both flutes on a small table. Then he swept her into his arms and kissed her, right in the middle of the party, bending her back over his arm so far she had to grasp his shoulders to keep from falling. When he lifted his mouth and she gazed at him in astonishment, he smiled into her eyes.
Tyler glanced sideways, and following his gaze, Chloe saw Michael watching them. Tyler smiled with satisfaction. She whacked his shoulder lightly, but couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips. He was staking his claim, deliberately, in public and very, very possessively. It made her feel warm and tingly all over and she, in turn, kissed Tyler back.
His big hands slid down her back, briefly over the curve of her behind as he released her slowly. Then he picked up the champagne flutes and handed one back to her, eyes hot and sparkling at her over the glass as he sipped.
Chloe gulped her champagne, the bubbles stinging her throat and nose.
Later, they danced, the soft breeze off the ocean sliding over them, the sky midnight blue velvet sequined with glimmery stars. Palm trees drifted in the breeze. Tyler held her in his arms, close against him, her hand tucked between them as they moved to the music.
She pressed herself against him as they danced, buzzing with sexual excitement and anticipation. She kept remembering the things Tyler had done to her and how it had felt and every time she thought about those things her tummy fluttered.
“I want to take you home,” he whispered in her ear. “I want to lick you right between your legs.” A small moan escaped her. “I want to eat you until you come and then I want to fuck you every way I can, front, back, sideways, until you can’t even walk.”
“Oh God.” The ache between her legs intensified and she almost stumbled as they danced. “Let’s go.”
He smiled and shook his head. “Just a little longer. I want to dance with you more.”
She almost moaned again. “You’re torturing me.” She let her breath out long and slow.
He laughed softly. “I know. But the build-up is half the fun.” He kissed her cheek and she closed her eyes and sank into him. Heat radiated off his big body and she inhaled as she pressed her face against him, loving the warm spice and citrus scent of him.
When the song ended, Tyler led her back to their table, where they’d eaten dinner with some of his friends. Chloe picked up her glass and pressed it to one hot cheek while Tyler sipped his wine. She was acutely aware of the looks they were getting from the others, but couldn’t bring herself to care, she was so buzzed, so high from being with Tyler and wanting him.
She wanted to get up and drag Tyler out of there as they sat talking to other guests. She rested her hand on his thigh, beneath the table cloth, then shifted her fingers up, closer to his groin...just brushing...yeah, he was hard. Then his face changed and he abruptly said, “Let’s go.”
After quickly smiling their good-nights to the others, Tyler all but dragged her out of the rotunda and down a dark path toward the parking lot. Her heels clicked rapidly on the stone path as she hurried after him.
“Slow down, Tyler,” she begged, laughing, as she tried to keep up with him.
“Sorry,” he muttered. “I waited too long. I need you, now.”
“I needed you three hours ago,” she replied, and together they almost ran to the car.
They fell into his Jag, laughing, breathless, and Tyler started the car. He leaned over to kiss her, his hand on her face and she kissed him back, long and deep.
“God,” he groaned, moving away from her and slamming the car into gear. The wheels spun and spit gravel as he exited the parking lot. “Are we going to my place or yours?” He glanced sideways at her.
“Oh.” She hadn’t thought about that. “My place.” Then, “Is that okay?”
“Christ, yeah,” he said roughly. “I’d do you on the Breakwater right now if I had to, I don’t care where the hell we go.”
Insatiable Part 4

“I’m helping you relax.” Chloe’s hands moved again on his shoulders, stroking, rubbing. Tyler lifted his head and his face was right in her breasts, in the open neck of her blouse. His hands, which had been lying on the couch beside him, moved to her hips, warm through her skirt.
“Chloe, you’re wearing a pink lace bra.” Wonder shaded his voice.
“Mmhmm. And my panties match.”
“Oh Jesus.” His hands tightened on her. Chloe shifted her hips forward to press against his erection and a triumphant thrill sizzled through her as she met his arousal with her pussy. She wanted to press the throbbing between her legs against him, rub against him to ease that empty ache. She struggled to control herself, reminding herself of her goal, which was not an orgasm. Was. Not.
But having him right there in her hands, between her open legs, was making her hot and testing her control. She rubbed a little, unable to resist, and sensation rocked through her body. It was all she could do to hold herself back.
Tyler’s big hands moved on her hips, slid up over her waist to the sides of her full breasts. She couldn’t restrain the soft moan that escaped her. He slipped his fingers into her blouse, pushed the two sides apart, touched the top curves of her breasts, then slid inside the lace cups to brush her nipples with his fingertips.
A tremor shook her body and she had to press herself against him, there was no stopping. She lowered her body fully onto him, right where she needed it.
“Chloe,” he gasped. She met his eyes, dark and hot, so hot he blistered her with his gaze. She smiled slowly at him, then his hands tangled in her hair and he pulled her forward. He pressed her mouth against his in a hard, urgent kiss. She opened her mouth to him and touched her tongue to his and he responded with an erotic thrust into her mouth, startling her. Lust exploded in her and she opened wider for him, their mouths locked in a long, wet, hot kiss like nothing she’d ever experienced.
She thought she might burst into flames. Her skin burned and tingled, her pussy ached and throbbed as she rocked against him again and again, pleasure winding up in her tighter and tighter. She was lost, flames consuming her, and she broke away from his mouth to gulp in air. His mouth trailed down her throat, hot and wet, opened over the curve of her breast and sucked gently.
“Oh, God,” she cried, and she pulled her blouse open wider for him. Tyler had one hand in her hair, and with the other he freed her swelling breast from her bra and put his mouth to her nipple.
“Chloe, you have awesome breasts,” he breathed. “Why do you cover them up?”
She choked on a laugh. “Maybe because it’d be illegal not to.” She felt his smile on her breast, then his mouth closed over the tip again in a suckling kiss. Sensation poured through her, thick and liquid, and she shuddered at the tug of his mouth on her nipple. She moaned again.
“Incredible,” he whispered, moving to the other breast. He used two hands to undo the front clasp of her bra and pushed it aside so he had access to both breasts. He laid his hands over them, squeezing gently, shaping them, then cupped one and lifted the nipple to his mouth again.
She was so close to coming, just from rubbing against him. The vague thought lurked in the back of her mind that this wasn’t supposed to go this far, but it was a hazy, incoherent wisp in her lust-fogged brain. She put her hands on his chest.
Then he slipped a hand down between them and under her skirt. Her pink lace thong matched her bra, and the thin strip of fabric between her legs was no barrier to his fingers. She could tell her panties were damp, she was so wet and hot, and his fingers slid easily between her folds and into her.
“God, you’re wet,” he breathed, his other hand pulling her head in for a kiss again. His tongue thrust into her mouth as his fingers pushed into her and she was desperate, frantic for more, needing to be filled.
“Hold on,” he murmured against her mouth and withdrew his fingers. His hands went to the button of his jeans.
Suddenly chilled awareness of what was happening shivered over her. He was about to open his pants and in two seconds he’d be inside her and they’d be having sex.
This wasn’t supposed to go this far.
With gut-wrenching determination, she pulled away from him, throbbing and panting.
“Stop!” She pushed her hair back from her face and held it there.
He looked at her in stunned confusion. “Chloe...what?”
She scrambled up from the couch and stood before him, yanking the sides of her blouse together.
“I’ve just proved my point,” she told him coolly, getting her breath. “You are fickle. You’ve forgotten Mandy already.” She deliberately glanced at her watch. “Now let’s get to the restaurant.”
He stared at her while her heart drummed in her chest.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” His hand pressed hard against the fly of his jeans, still bulging with his arousal. A flush darkened his cheeks and his eyes glittered. He reached out and grabbed her hand. “Chloe, what the hell...”
She stepped back, out of his reach. “I mean it, Tyler. You’re not heartbroken, you’re just horny. Now, come on, you have a business to run.”
He stared at her in stunned disbelief. “Are you telling me that you did that on purpose?”
She nodded.
“You were faking all that just to prove you were right about me?” Again she nodded, cool and composed. Then his eyes grew hot and furious. “You...”
She held up a hand.
“You can call me names later. Hell, you can fire me if you want. You have every right to, actually.” It was true, and her heart skipped a beat at the thought. But for now she had to save him from himself. “Let’s go.” He looked down at his hard-on. “I can’t go like this,” he muttered.
“Five minutes. Go change.”
He stood up. “Give me ten. I’m going to need a little hand action and a cold shower.”
He strode out of the room and Chloe collapsed onto the couch. She buried her face in her hands, shocked at herself and the lengths to which she would go to manipulate him. She’d definitely changed his mood. But what had she done to herself?
The crack of a door slamming made her jerk upright.
She’d rather see him angry than depressed any day. He did some of his best work when he was angry... but not when he was down.
She was even more shocked at her reaction to him. She should have known she was explosive, like the gas ranges in the restaurant – pilot light burning low and slow, but at one touch from Tyler bursting into flames. Now he was furious with her and she could even lose her job. This was what happened when you let emotions take over, dammit. No good. No good.
She sighed. If Tyler didn’t show up at the restaurant tonight, and Oprah was there, there’d be hell to pay. He’d thank her later. Maybe.
She did up her blouse and tucked it into her skirt with shaky fingers, ran her fingers through her hair to smooth it down, and glanced down the hall where Tyler had disappeared.
Insatiable Part 3
“Guess what!” Lola, one of the hostesses, quivered with excitement. “Oprah is coming tonight!”
Chloe stopped on her way into the restaurant. She wasn’t supposed to be there on a Saturday, but wanted to get a few things done.
“Oprah? Really?”
“Well. We think she’s coming.”
Chloe slanted her an inquiring look.
“The reservation’s not in her name, but Emilio says that’s her manager’s name and a friend of a friend of his told him Oprah has been planning to come here and check it out.”
“Oh.” The bartender’s information network was pretty reliable.
“And,” Lola rushed on, “we’re all betting she wants Tyler on her show! Wouldn’t that be cool!”
Lola, young and gorgeous like everyone else who worked at Insatiable, flipped her long, auburn, perfectly flat-ironed hair behind her shoulder and smiled expectantly at Chloe.
“Tyler must be in heaven,” Chloe said.
“Um...that’s a bit of a problem.” Lola’s slim brows drew together. “He doesn’t know...and we can’t find him.”
“What do you mean you can’t find him? Isn’t he here?”
Lola shook her head.
“Have you tried his cell phone?” Chloe could hear the edge in her usually tranquil voice.
“Of course! Carlos has been trying every fifteen minutes, but he’s not answering.”
“Did he have a date last night?”
Lola squinted her eyes. “I’m not sure,” she said. “He was popping painkillers all night...oh, my God!” She clapped a hand over her mouth.
“What?” Chloe pushed down the alarm fluttering inside her.
“Maybe he OD’d! Those painkillers were narcotics!”
Cold fingers of fear tickled Chloe’s skin. No, that was crazy. Tyler was many things - temperamental, unpredictable, artistic - but stupid or careless he definitely was not.
“I’ll talk to Carlos,” she said, heading into the kitchen.
Controlled chaos energized the kitchen, everyone preparing food and talking. Kanye West blasted over the yelling and banging of pots.
“Chloe!” Carlos spotted her and dropped his knife. Wiping his hands on a towel, he hastened over, agitation tightening his features.
“I heard,” she said calmly. She put a hand on his shoulder. “Any ideas?”
He shook his head, concern in his dark eyes.
“Was he with Mandy last night?”
“He could have been. She’s been hanging out here almost every night.”
“Do we know her number?”
He shook his head. “Nobody even knows her last name.”
Chloe’s mind worked. “Okay. I’ll drive up to his place and see if I can find him.”
The tension in Carlos’ face eased. “Great idea,” he said. “Call us as soon as you know anything.”
Chloe sighed and left the restaurant. This was not part of her job description. Okay, she didn’t actually have a job description, but if she did, searching for her missing-in-action boss would not be in it. God, he was probably in bed somewhere, high from too much sex and Mandy. She pressed her lips together.
As she drove up to Alameda Padre Sierra she tried Tyler’s cell phone again, but it rang unanswered and went to voice mail.
“Tyler, we need you here at the restaurant. If you get this message before I find you, call me.”
She drove past mansions secluded behind walls and dense green vegetation to Tyler’s home, perched on the side of the mountain. She pulled into the short driveway and used her key to get in the locked gate.
She rang the doorbell – no answer. The key she had for times Tyler was traveling and she needed access to his home rested in her palm. She hesitated to use it, but she had to know if he was in there. Her stomach tightened at the thought of what she might be interrupting.
She unlocked the door and stepped into the cool, dim foyer, the terracotta tile floor of the hallway gleaming beneath her feet. “Tyler?”
“What?” His voice came from the living room. She walked in and dropped her purse and keys on a side table. Tyler sprawled on the black leather couch, staring out the wall of windows overlooking the city and, in the distance, the ocean. A scruff of dark beard shaded his jaw and a nearly empty bottle of red wine sat on the table in front of him. Well, at least he was alone.
“Tyler, what are you doing?”
He looked back at her with a slightly murky gaze, not even surprised to see her.
“Getting drunk.” He toasted her with his wine glass.
“Tyler, you’re supposed to be working right now. They need you at the restaurant.”
He shrugged. She took a deep breath.
“What happened?” She sat beside him.
He gazed down into his wine. “Mandy dumped me.”
“Oh. Oh, Tyler. I’m sorry.” She paused. He looked so dejected, she just wanted to kiss it all better for him. But that was out of the question. And really, how heartbroken could he be? He and Mandy had only just met a few weeks ago.
“I’m sorry,” she said again. “But need to get back to the restaurant.”
He lifted his head. “I don’t give a shit about that right now. I’m dying here, Chloe.”
She returned his gaze steadily. “You’re not dying, Tyler. You went out with her for what...two weeks?”
He lifted a shoulder again.
“Get yourself together,” she said gently. “I’m making you some coffee and then I’m taking you to the restaurant.”
“I can’t go there. Not right now.”
“Tyler, you have to. There’s a rumor that Oprah is coming tonight.”
“Oprah?” He blinked, then shrugged. “Too bad.”
“Tyler, come on! You have to be there!”
In his kitchen she found what she needed to start a pot of coffee. When she came back Tyler had leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes.
“You don’t understand,” he muttered.
“Oh, please. Everyone gets dumped some time.”
“Not me.” He wasn’t bragging, just saying what was undoubtedly the truth.
“This is the first time a girl ever broke up with you?”
He nodded, eyes still closed. “I’m always the one who does the dumping.”
“So what happened?”
“She said I wasn’t paying enough attention to her.”
A snort escaped Chloe before she could stop it, and she covered her smile. “Well, she was obviously too needy for you. Her loss.”
He opened his eyes and looked at her. “Nice try, but I’m in pain here.”
Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she smiled at him. “Come on Tyler, you know you’ll have another woman by tomorrow. You’re so fickle, you can’t possibly be heart-broken.”
He frowned. “I’m not fickle.”
“Yes, you are.” She tried to make her voice a gentle nudge. “You go through women like most men go through socks.”
“Do not.” He ran a hand through his dark hair, spiking it up even more.
She looked at him. She could prove it to much time did she have to get him to the restaurant? She glanced at her watch. Enough. She drew in a long breath.
“Okay,” she said. “Maybe I’ll join you in a glass of wine, and we’ll commiserate together.”
“Now that’s more like it.” He got up to get her a glass and when his back was turned, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. Then one more. Tyler came back, grabbed the bottle and poured some into the glass.
She took it from him and smiled at him. “You’re so cute when you’re miserable.”
He looked at her, dark brows pulled together, mouth open. “You think I’m cute?”
“Of course.” She gave a little laugh. She shifted in her seat and tucked one leg under her, so she faced him. She leaned toward him, knowing her blouse was gaping open. “You’re gorgeous and you know it.”
“I didn’t think you knew it,” he muttered, then gulped his wine. She saw his glance dip to her chest then quickly back up again. Chloe tasted her wine, a lush Pinot Noir, watching him over the rim of her glass. Then she reached out a finger and traced a straight, thick eyebrow.
“Mmm. I know it.” Her voice was husky. Her tummy quivered as she frantically tried to think what to say next. She had no freaking idea how to seduce a man.
Her finger trailed down his cheek, his throat and into the open collar of his shirt. Again his gaze drifted down to her open blouse.
He guzzled more wine.
“Maybe you need a shoulder massage to relax you.” The genius idea popped into her head and she clinked her glass onto the table and stood. Instead of circling behind the couch to reach over it for his shoulders, she hiked her skirt up and knelt on the couch, straddling his legs. His eyes flew open, now clear and dark gold.
She rested her hands on his shoulders, the large muscles bunched beneath them. “You are tense,” she murmured, kneading the muscles. Again she was fully aware of him looking down her blouse, knowing he was getting a glimpse of cleavage and pink lace. She didn’t dress in sexy, stylish clothes but she did like nice underwear. Thank God.
She rubbed firmly, using fingers and thumbs to slowly press and release his muscles.
“That feels so good,” he groaned, tipping his head back. Chloe’s hands stilled on his shoulders as her eyes moved over his face. He was so beautiful. Heat flared in her, a sweet hot rush. She lowered herself a bit more onto his lap, his thighs hard beneath her own, and leaned closer. God, if they were naked she could slide right onto him and have him fill her up.
The thought caused a jolt of sensation down low in her belly and her nipples tingled. Damn, she was getting herself hot, not him. Then he hardened more beneath her thighs and she knew she was having some effect. With a rush of relief, she leaned closer still and brushed her breasts across his chest. The spicy masculine scent of his shampoo filled her head.
“Chloe, what are you doing?”

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