Insatiable Part 15

If you read Friends with Benefits, out this week with Samhain, watch for the little connection to Insatiable...

Tyler twined his fingers with Chloe’s and lowered her hands. He leaned forward to kiss her mouth again, sliding, open-mouthed kisses and she leaned into the kisses, too. The only parts of them touching, besides their mouths, were their clasped hands. A veil of heat shimmered around them.
“Unbelievable,” he murmured moments later. “Unfuckingbelievable.”
His words thrilled her, let her know he was as aroused and moved as she was.
“I want you to take your clothes off, too,” she whispered boldly.
He nodded, his face tight as he strained to control himself. His hands released hers and lifted behind his neck to grab his t-shirt and yank it off forward over his head. He gripped the shirt in his hands momentarily, sitting before her bare-chested as she studied him with excitement and admiration.
Her gaze moved over wide shoulders, rounded biceps, his firm, smooth chest, down to flat defined abdominal muscles. He was so, so beautiful. She wanted to see more.
He tossed the shirt aside and his hands went to the button of his jeans. He stood up and, with a completely masculine flick of his wrists, undid the button and the zipper, then shoved his pants down along with the black cotton underwear she caught only a glimpse of.
He stood before her naked, dark-skinned, long and lean-limbed, with a huge, throbbing erection.
Her mouth watered at the sight. Her lips parted in anticipation of tasting him. She leaned forward, still kneeling on the couch, but he set his hands on her shoulders.
“Let’s go into your bedroom.”
He lifted her by her upper arms so she stood beside him. She kicked off her shorts and moved into him, twined her arms around his neck and pressed herself to him, naked body to naked body. His skin scorched her and they both gasped at the sensation of skin on skin, from chest to knee. She twined a foot around his calf, trying to get closer, and buried her face in his neck.
It felt so incredibly, arousingly erotic. But it also felt achingly tender and right.
His hands moved to her hair, fingers digging into the twisted coils, trying to figure out how to undo it. She reached up and hooked a finger into the single elastic that held it, yanked it out. Her hair tumbled down over her shoulders and back and he groaned.
“I love your hair, Chloe,” he mumbled, burying his face in it.
“I know.” She smiled.
His hands threaded through her hair, over and over, sending little arcs of electricity through her, and she pressed small kisses to the side of his neck. Her tongue darted out to lick and she felt him the rumble of his groan.
“Bedroom,” he growled. “Now.”
Reluctantly she turned and he followed close behind her, snatching up his jeans from the floor with one hand, holding her hand with the other. She led the way down the short hall to her dark bedroom.
Tyler crossed to the table beside the bed and found the switch for the lamp.
“You want the light on?”
“Oh, yeah.” He pulled her into his arms again. “I want to see you. I want to taste you, smell you, hear you, feel you, and I especially want to see you.”
She smiled, again wrapped herself around him, practically climbing onto him.
His hands stroked over her bare back and down to the curves of her butt, pulling her against his hot, hard erection. Her breath hitched in her throat and another spike of sensation drove through her womb.
“Oh, this is incredible,” she breathed.
“Incredible.” His hands still grasped her cheeks, holding her against him, against his pulsing penis. He kissed her again and her mind spun out of control, delirious and dizzy.
He ate at her mouth with feverish, devouring kisses. She took in his desperation and gave it back to him, trying to press closer, unable to get close enough.
In a fluid movement that reminded her of how he worked in the kitchen, he turned her, moved her back toward the bed, and lowered her down to the soft comforter. Then he followed her down and lay beside her, half covering her, his heavy, hair roughened leg covering hers. He kissed her over and over, one hand on her face, long, consuming kisses and she opened her mouth to him, taking him in, sucking his tongue.
His hand covered one breast, fondled it, twisted the nipple between thumb and fingers, tugged at it until she writhed beneath him in an overload of erotic sensation.
She held onto his shoulders as the room spun around her. Then his hand slid over her abdomen and lower, again through the soft curls, then lower. His fingers stroked her, over her folds, then deeper.
“Chloe, you’re soft,” he murmured against her mouth. His fingers stroked her again. “So soft and smooth.”
She nodded tightly, eyes squeezed closed.
“I love it,” he whispered. His fingers stroked deeper, through the liquid center of her, and he rubbed her moisture all over the smooth outer lips. Sensation built inside her, and her hips lifted against his hand, asking for more in a silent plea.
His mouth on hers barely touched her, his breath warm on her parted lips. He dipped a finger into her, and her inner muscles clenched in anticipation of being entered. “You’re tight,” he murmured. “I can tell already.” Fingers dipping and caressing, he suddenly groaned, “Chloe I have to taste you!”
He thrust away from her in a desperate push, shifting down her body until he lay between her legs. He parted her thighs with his hands, pushed them wide. Then he looked at her.
“Tyler,” she moaned, heat washing over her. “Don’t...”
“I told you I want to see you.” And he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her curls. He kissed the crease of her leg on one side, then the other, and turned his head inward and inhaled deeply. Mortified, Chloe fisted the comforter with both hands and groaned.
“I told you I want to smell you, too,” he continued softly. “And you smell delicious.” She choked on a giggle. “You smell sweet and hot and mouth-watering.”
“Oh, God.”
He inhaled again, then gently kissed her inner thigh. Then his mouth closed over her and sucked. He tasted her with his tongue, with long, luscious licks between her slick folds, over her clitoris that pulsed and jumped at his touch. With each slow lick, each time his tongue touched her clit, little jolts zipped through her and pleasure built inside her, tighter and tighter.
“You’re delicious, Chloe. So fucking delicious. I will never get enough of you.”
His words sent more heat swirling through her bloodstream and her embarrassment disappeared. She opened wider for him. “That’s it,” he murmured, still taking long, slow licks. “Open wider for me.” His hands pressed on her thighs and her legs parted so wide her hips ached.
“You taste like brown sugar, Chloe.”
“What!” Her eyes flew open at the description, and she peered at his dark head between her legs. The ecstasy on his face made her melt into the bed.
“Brown sugar,” he said again. “Sweet and delectable. I thought you would taste like a peach because your breasts taste like peaches, but here, you taste like brown sugar.”
She couldn’t help but giggle. “I sound like a grocery store.”
He lifted his head and his eyes gleamed with humor, his lips shiny with her juices. “Sorry. It’s all about food for me, you know.”
“I know. I love it.”
She bit her lip, immediately wished she hadn’t said that, but he lowered his head to taste her further. This time his tongue went deeper, tasting inside her, and then he closed his lips over her clit and sucked.
Her hips arched off the bed as he sent her over the edge, sucking deeply, ravenously on her. Sensation exploded in her, waves of hot delicious pleasure washed over her again and again until she lay limp and trembling on the bed.
Tyler’s hands still on her thighs, he lifted his head, then licked her more, so softly and gently. He licked his way over to the crease of one leg, kissed her there again and then shifted his body upward so he lay on her, supporting his weight with his arms. He kissed her mouth and she tasted herself.
She expected him to enter her then, but he didn’t, just kept kissing her mouth, her cheek, her neck, her chest. Then he lay down just to the side of her, partially covering her again so his full weight wasn’t on her. His hand came up to cup her breast, just holding it as they both caught their breath.
“I love eating you, Chloe,” he whispered, kissing her mouth again. “I love the taste of you. I knew I would. I wanted this so bad.”
She shivered uncontrollably at his words. They made her feel so special and she closed her mind to what would happen after this. Highs were always followed by crashing lows.

Insatiable Part 16