What I'm Reading Wednesday ...and a CONTEST

Today’s supposed to be What I’m Reading Wednesday but it’s also a release week for me so I’m going to have a contest this week on my blog – everyone who signs up for my newsletter
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this week will be entered to win an e-copy of FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. I’ll draw Monday April 20 for the winner!

What am I reading?
I finished Wicked Garden by Lorelei James and last night I finished Tied Up, Tied Down also by Lorelei. And I just want to say a big “Yay!!!” to Samhain for publishing a story with a baby as a significant part of the story. I recently had a story rejected by another publisher because they do not publish anything to do with babies, being pregnant or trying to get pregnant because it is not romantic. Well, I disagree and this story just proves it. I loved reading about Kade folling in love with his baby daughter as well as her mother!

I’m also reading “Description” by Monica Wood (a craft book - always something to learn!)
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