Happy Thanksgiving

It's not Thanksgiving for me this weekend and I have to say I'm envious because I have to go to work today and Friday. But it's always good to think about what we're thankful for, and I know I have so much, especially in times like this when so many are struggling. I'm thankful for my day job that pays the bills and lets us do things we like to do. I'm thankful for the generous vacation time I have, and every other Friday off, when I can write. I'm thankful that even though my kids are teenagers they are good kids and make me proud. I'm thankful I have a partner who loves me and who is my best friend and supports me no matter what. I'm thankful for the writing success I've had (even though I want more!) and for the awesome writer friends I've made on-line that make writing so much less lonely.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Kelly JamiesonComment