What I'm Reading Wednesday

This week I read Pleasure and Purpose by Megan Hart, one of my favourite authors. This book is actually three stories and it's very different from other books I've read by her. I enjoyed reading her writing from the male POV, which I'm not sure she has done in any of her other books I've read. I also enjoyed the world she created, though I'm not sure what or where it is! The stories were each beautiful and different, with wounded heroes and handmaidens to help them find solace. Each of the handmaiden has a different background, each suited to the man she is sent to, and in the end the handmaidens find what they need, too. I loved it.

Tonight I start a new book: No Matter What by Erin Nicholson.

And I have so many other wonderful books queued up to read, by some of my favourite authors - Maya Banks, Lacey Alexander and I even get a sneak peek at a new Samhain book that's not even released yet...I just need more time!