A new sale!

Got the contract in the inbox yesterday, so I'm ready to announce it!

I sold another story to Ellora's Cave (my third, yay!). It's called Rigger (okay it's supposed to be The Rigger, but EC doesn't like "the" in the title, which I totally understand).

So, Rigger is a story about a...well, a rigger! For those who don't know, a rigger is someone who ties women up for the aesthetics of it. The art. Alek is a photographer who's into Shibari bondage as an art form, but also, yes as something erotic and sexual. He needs a model to complete the photography book he's doing on Shibari, and asks his best friend Shaela. She completely disapproves of Alek's lifestyle, but when she's tied up and floating away to a different place, she discovers parts of herself she didn't know existed. And when their relationship moves from friends to sex and then to love, Alek learns things about himself he's been trying to hide from too.