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Make it 8!!

Eight reviews in the month of January! Wow! I don't know why this happened but I am overwhelmed. And since they've all been good reviews, right now I feel like my heart is going to explode!

The latest is 5 HEARTS from Shannon at The Romance Studio

"Ms. Jamieson has created an absolutely amazing story that quickly captures the reader's attention with its fascinating, complex and delicious exploration into a relationship built around an alternative lifestyle of pleasure and pain... Rigger is a unique and powerfully sensual story…There is a degree of edginess, sexiness and out-and-out erotic heat from every sizzling and passionate sexual scene … I am totally intrigued by this very talented author can't wait to read more from her."

Thank you so so much!
A review for Rigger!

Seriously Reviewed rated Rigger: Story: 9 Presentation: 9
Total: 18

"Oh my hell, this book was impossible to put down. Alek has all the wonderful qualities we love in a hotter than hell hero. He’s sexy and yummy, and has a deliciously naughty streak that made my heart pound and my panties damp.

Yep, this is a perfect example of erotic romance, because while the sex is scorching and just remembering while I’m writing this review is making me hot again, this is also a wonderful friends to lovers stories...This truly was a hot story to read that satisfied on all levels."

I am so thrilled! This means a lot to me, because this is exactly what I want my writing to be - hot and steamy but still a satisfying story. Thank you Se
riously Reviewed!
Release date!

RIGGER will be released with Ellora's Cave on Friday December 18!

Here's the blurb:

Photographer Alek Kroft likes to tie up women. As a rigger, he’s into the aesthetics of bondage – the pattern of rope against skin, the marks left in tender flesh – but he has to admit he also likes the high of being in control and yeah, it turns him on. When Alek needs a model to complete the photographs for his book on rope bondage, he asks his good friend Shaela Hudson.

Shaela disapproves of Alek’s kinky sexual habits, but he’s a friend and she agrees to help. She’s not prepared for how being bound and helpless releases her from her everyday problems – her slave driver boss, her unsatisfying career and her derogatory father. She’s also helplessly aroused. So is Alek. He sees how Shaela loves being bound, even though she doesn’t want to admit it, and proposes they explore it together. Intrigued but nervous, Shaela agrees. Neither of them expects to learn the things they do about each other – and about themselves. And neither of them expects to fall in love...
A new sale!
Got the contract in the inbox yesterday, so I'm ready to announce it!

I sold another story to Ellora's Cave (my third, yay!). It's called Rigger (okay it's supposed to be The Rigger, but EC doesn't like "the" in the title, which I totally understand).

So, Rigger is a story about a...well, a rigger! For those who don't know, a rigger is someone who ties women up for the aesthetics of it. The art. Alek is a photographer who's into Shibari bondage as an art form, but also, yes as something erotic and sexual. He needs a model to complete the photography book he's doing on Shibari, and asks his best friend Shaela. She completely disapproves of Alek's lifestyle, but when she's tied up and floating away to a different place, she discovers parts of herself she didn't know existed. And when their relationship moves from friends to sex and then to love, Alek learns things about himself he's been trying to hide from too.