WIPs and Chains

Well I finally got focused and decided to work on my Celtic story. This is the one I mentioned that is causing me some problems. I'd started it and got a little stuck, so I did more research. I stumbled across an amazing website about Gaelic Ireland that gave me SO many ideas, and really kick-started my creativity again. Thank goodness! I was getting worried.

So I've been writing this story and although I can't say it's been flowing out me like some other stories have, it's going. It's going. And that's okay. This is so completely different for me - it's a sort of historical story but it's not "real" history, it's my own world that I've created. So it's a combination of researching and making it historically accurate, and world building. Both of which I have never done before.

Okay that's not strictly true. When it comes to world building, the truth is I world build with every story I write. When it's a contemporary story it's easier, but I am still creating a world my characters live in. This one is a little more difficult. I'm enjoying it. It's a challenge. I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job of it or if this book will ever been seen by my readers, but I'm going to keep going. Even though it's painful and slow.
Kelly JamiesonComment