More reviews!

What a week! I got 2 more reviews for Power Struggle:

Fallen Angel Reviews  5 ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ
Bella said: "I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved Power Struggle! I loved the dynamic between Tori and Dev. ... Power Struggle is a thoroughly emotionally engaging, scorchingly sexy, deliciously kinky story and highly recommended to all readers, especially those yearning for a great BDSM read."

And from Book Binge:
Judith said: "Ms Jamieson has given the readers a very romantic story of two people who are exceptional at what they do, but who are floundering in their personal lives. They are multi-faceted individuals and therefore they are intriguing. Neither one is "easy" or uncomplicated. Their relationship would have been a challenge without the BDSM ingredients. But the reader sees two characters who value one another, are most definitely aware of the deeper connection between them, and who are willing to work at finding a way to be in one another's life long term...This is the kind of story that makes for good reading, in my opinion. There's lots to consider in this novel--lots in the back story and lots to consider about the merits of the BDSM lifestyle and how a personal relationship can affect its place in someone's life."

And I also got a review for Conference Call, which has been out for a while now, but what an awesome review!

Whipped Cream gave Conference Call 5 CHERRIES!
Honeysuckle said: "This little novella was such a fun read. Ms. Jamieson tapped into a real life common man’s (and woman in this case) fantasy and made it sizzle. Her character building is strong and the plot, while simple, is well developed. Both Kenzie and Noah were such “real” people with relatable insecurities and desires. I couldn’t put Conference Call down and I think you’ll enjoy this quick read as well. It’s sweet, it’s sensual, it’s a can’t miss!!

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