WIPs and Chains

I've been working on my historical story this past week. I hesitate to say too much about it because I'm still not sure if I can do this. I'm still in love with the idea of the story and the characters are starting to really grow on me too. I find it slow going, though, because there are still so many details that I need to research. I find myself wishing for an expert in this time period to be standing beside me with all the answers to my questions. Don't think it's going to be that easy though! I'm about 12,000 words in, so it's a good start.

I'm also doing a workshop right now on pacing, through Romance U, with Mary Buckham. I've already learned a lot and we're just into the first week. I'm doing my homework and then applying what I've learned to my WIP, also to other stories that I have sitting finished. They can always be better, and I know that my WIP is already better for taking this course. I hope the rest of the workshop is just as good. I always love to learn more and find ways to improve my writing.
Kelly JamiesonWIP, writingComment