New contract!

I got my signed sealed and delivered-to-my-inbox contract yesterday for my next Ellora's Cave release - Taming Tara.

This book is a modern-day BDSM version of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. I will be blogging more about how the similarities between the two and how Will inspired me to write this story, so watch for that closer to release date (which I don't yet know but stay tuned!)

Although this story is also set in Santa Barbara and the fictional Le Chateau features in it, I actually wrote this book before I wrote Power Struggle. So unfortunately, Gabe does not make an appearance in this book. But for all of those who've asked, after reading Power Struggle, for Gabe's story - I am working on it!

For now, here's a sneak peek at Taming Tara (unedited, of course):

Joe stared across the main room at Le Château. That could not be Tara Lockhart leaning against the bar over there, so fucking hot in a shiny black dress that looked like it had been laminated to her curves, and heels that could seriously injure a man. Her honey-blonde hair had been scraped up into a tight, high pony tail. Her eyes were wide, her lips parted as she met his gaze.

Oh yeah, that was her.

Busted, sweetheart. Joe’s pulse leaped and he couldn’t restrain the smile curving his lips. Tara Lockhart, secret Dominatrix.

Huh? That wasn’t the impression he’d gotten of her earlier. Sure, she was strong. Intelligent. Confident. Bossy. But that flicker he’d seen in her eyes, the way she’d hesitated when he’d greeted her, made him question her domination. Somehow it didn’t ring true.

He crossed the room toward her as if drawn by a magnet. No way was he going to do her any favors by pretending not to recognize her or disappearing. He was going to have his fun with this, and the anticipation of it sizzled through his veins.

Like arousal.

He stopped in front of her, stared down at her, not saying a word.

“Hi,” she finally said weakly, her eyes dropping briefly.

“Well. Tara. Imagine my surprise seeing you here.”

She swallowed but lifted her chin. “Likewise.”

He looked her over, up, down, then raised his gaze back to her face. “Very nice.”

She pressed her lips together. No thanks for the compliment. He wanted to laugh.

"I had no idea you were into the lifestyle.”

“I’m not.”

“Ah.” He lifted a brow. “Just…exploring?”

“No. Well.” She sucked her top lip in briefly. “I’m uh…checking this place out.”

“Ah. Finding yourself.”

“I’m not finding myself! I know exactly who I am.” Irritation tightened her voice.

He nodded. “Of course.”

“Don’t patronize me! What the hell are you doing here? If my grandpa knew…”

He lifted a brow. “Does he know you’re here?”

She blinked. “No.”

“Then we’re on even ground,” he murmured.

She closed her eyes briefly. He could almost hear the curse words he was sure she wanted to spit out. “I guess we are,” she finally said.
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