What I`m Reading Wednesday

This week I finished Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks. First of all - my heavens this book has a lot of typos. That is so unfortunate. This story was as hot as Maya`s usually are, but I have to say the scene with the four men just went a little over the top for me. Now I`ve written BDSM stories and I know that it can make sense for a man to give a woman what she wants but this just seemed a little incredible. But then again it`s a fantasy, right? I've read this exact trope before though, how a man will share a woman with other men (three at the same time, even!) because it's what she wants until the end of the story when he admits his love for her and suddenly, wham, no more sharing, because she's HIS. I do like a possessive man, and I suppose it can be explained by the fact that he loves her now, whereas before he didn't...or did he? But if he loves her and still wants to give her what she wants, why not now? A question to ponder.

I am now reading Renegade by Lora Leigh, whose stories are much smiliar to Maya's.
Kelly JamiesonComment