WIPs and Chains

If you read Friday's post you'll already know I did not have a productive week writing last week. I was completely distracted by other stuff. The week ended on a positive note, thankfully, but it's been hard to get back into the writing.

Right now I'm also doing an on-line workshop through Writer U which is excellent. I've been doing my homework for the course, part of which is analyzing my own WIP. I've actually been analyzing several of my WIPs, including one which is completed (but I still call it a work "in progress" because I could keep editing and tweaking until the day books are published!). I'm finding this workshop really valuble - so far I've tweaked my characters, rewritten my opening lines (about ten times!) and fine-tuned some scenes.

So even though I haven't been writing, that all counts as work, I guess.
Kelly JamiesonComment